Movements Surprisingly Supported By Your Favorite Celebrities

Movements Surprisingly Supported By Your Favorite Celebrities

The last few years have been big on social and political movements. After years of frustration, people have finally had enough and they are fighting back. There has been an influx of rallies and protests with the aim to make a change.

Something that you may have noticed is that a lot of the celebrities that we know and love tend to stay silent on some of the bigger social and political issues. They do this in order to protect their career, as staying mutual on matters means that they will not alienate some of their fans.

If celebrities come out and support controversial movements, they could also stop themselves from getting work in the future, so many simply do not bother. However, there are some celebrities out there that are more than happy to voice their opinions on social matters and some of the movements that your favorite celebrities support may shock you. Here are movements surprisingly supported by your favorite celebrities.

Britney Spears- Dreamer

During the Trump administration, one of the most controversial pieces of legislation that he tried to put in place was the ‘build wall’ legislation. He stated that one of the biggest issues that America was facing was illegal immigration and he believed the source of the problem was Mexico.

For Trump, the best way he could think of dealing with it was by building a giant wall that would help America patrol the border.

This legislation had a lot of mixed responses. For one, people couldn’t see how America could fund the venture, as building a wall of that magnitude would be very expensive and they were already dealing with an economic crisis.

Some people believed that the wall was a fantastic idea and it would help to tackle the problem that the country has been having with immigration.

There were some people who were not interested in the economic side of the wall and they were instead concerned about how this would affect future migration to the country, as well as the position of immigrants already living in America.

Britney Spears in particular was concerned with the rights of the immigrants coming to America and she was very vocal about her concerns on social media. Britney stated that America is the land of freedom and it was built by immigration, so why should they decide to stop immigration now? Britney was a part of a group of celebrities that wanted to focus on the American dream and how important it was for the development of America to open its arms to hard-working immigrants, no matter where they come from.

Fans have continued to support Britney in her fight against the wall and she has even managed to recruit several other celebrities to help her cause and spread the word to others.

Dolly Parton- BLM

Dolly Parton is loved all over the world. She is one of those celebrities that has never done anything wrong and she continues to release fantastic music to the world.

Dolly has a number of charities that cover a wide spectrum of topics. You probably know her best for her reading initiative, where she send one free book a month to children that sign up for the scheme. Dolly is really focused on equality and ensuring that everyone gets an equal opportunity to have an education and pursue a career that they are passionate about.

With all of Dolly’s beliefs and good deeds, there is no wonder why Dolly feels so strongly about the BLM movement. If you are someone that lives in the states, then you are likely more than familiar with the black lives matter movement. This movement was brought to life after the unfair murder of a black citizen by a white police officer. The black community decided they were sick of being afraid of the people that were supposed to protect them and they demanded justice.

A lot of riots ensued as a result of the racial tensions, which left a lot of celebrities under the spotlight of where they stood. Dolly was one of the first celebrities to make it clear that she supported the BLM and was willing to offer any assistance to those who need it.

Khloe Kardashian- Fur

A movement that has become really popular among celebrities is ditching fur in favor of fake fur. Khloe Kardashian was one of the first celebrities that encouraged this transition and in the early 2000s, she did a campaign where she stated that she would rather be naked than wear fur.

The fashion industry makes up a large portion of the people that hunt and kill animals for their fur and many companies have been attributed with the dwindling number of some species. This is a cause that definitely deserves support and we are happy that Khloe is able to support this cause.

What Your Harry Potter House Reveals About Your Personality

What Your Harry Potter House Reveals About Your Personality

If you are a Harry Potter fan, then it is likely that you have taken the Hogwarts house quiz on the official Pottermore page. For die-hard fans out there, the results of this test are often taken very seriously, especially if you communicate with fellow Harry Potter fans online.

When you are sorted into a house, you are sorted into a family within the Potterhead community. However, there is a common misconception that Gryffindor is the only good house and the rest don’t compare, but that is not the case. Each house has its own positive aspects and reveals a lot about your character. Here is what your Harry Potter House reveals about your personality.

  • Gryffindor

This is the house that most people hope to get, due to the focus that it got within the book series. If you are sorted into Gryffindor by the sorting hat, then you should be very happy with your results. People within Gryffindor are commended for their bravery and ability to solve problems. Gryffindors are also very loyal people and put a lot of focus into enforcing fairness and making sure the rules are followed.

  • Slytherin

There is a common misconception that people in Slytherin are mean or have cruel intentions. Though there were some evil Slytherins in the series, this does not reflect all Slytherins. People sorted into the Slytherin house are usually incredibly clever and ambitious, which can often come across as arrogance to those who don’t know them. Above anything, people in Slytherin are extremely resourceful and can accomplish what they set out to accomplish, even when they have limited resources to work with. If you have been sorted into this house, you should be proud, as you are certainly a formidable character.

  • Hufflepuff

If you are someone that loves the Harry Potter series, the first thing that came to your head was probably that Hufflepuffs are great at finding things. Within the series, Hufflepuff’s are considered to be the nice guys of Hogwarts. Every Hufflepuff has an approachable personality, which you may possess yourself. Hufflepuffs are also very fair and very hard working, which makes them perfect for some of the most tedious jobs. Because of their fair nature, Hufflepuffs are often confided in when it comes to trying to deal with a problem, as they can usually evaluate the situation with a level head.

  • Ravenclaw

People that are sorted into Ravenclaw are known for their intelligence. In the book, to access the Ravenclaw quarters, you have to be able to solve a riddle. If you have been sorted into Ravenclaw, you should definitely take it as a big compliment. Not only are people from Ravenclaw very clever, but they are extremely quick-witted. Ravenclaws are natural problem solvers, which makes them excellent to have around during a crisis. If you have been sorted into Ravenclaw, it is likely because of your ability to quickly find solutions to problems that others may be struggling with.

5 Tips You Must Know For Maintaining Your Subwoofer

5 Tips You Must Know For Maintaining Your Subwoofer

It’s all about the bass – that’s a subwoofer!

To put it simply, a subwoofer is a speaker system that delivers lower frequency sound a traditionally two-way speaker can’t reproduce by itself.

The subwoofer takes away the heavy lifting from your speaker improving the sound from your overall system.

Of course, proper care and maintenance are needed to extend the longevity of your subwoofers.

There are several ways to maintain your subwoofer and we’ll share the top five tips as we go along.

What are the top 5 tips for maintaining your subwoofer?

#1 Clean the subwoofer.

Gently wipe the subwoofer with a clean damped microfiber cloth to remove the dirt and fingerprints.

Avoid using cleaners that contain ammonia, alcohol, bleach, or abrasives as it can damage the subwoofer’s surface.

To clean the insides of the subwoofer, use a microfiber cloth damped in lukewarm water. This will allow the moisture to dry quickly and can prevent damage to your woofer.

#2 Know where to place it.

Set up your subwoofer somewhere safe and ideal. Place it between two speakers and away from the front wall or on a side wall.

Finding the perfect location for your woofer is essential to achieving the best acoustics. Prepare extensions because you’ll need them.

Also, keep in mind just because the woofer looks good on a certain spot doesn’t mean it will sound good in there too!

#3 Set the subwoofer volume to the desired volume.

Adjust the subwoofer volume to a desired level for the best sound. Turn the volume up and down until you don’t notice the subwoofer anymore.

Do not crank the subwoofer volume to the maximum setting. Instead set the volume dial up to 75% for excellent sound acoustics.

The reason why you should keep your subwoofer to the desired volume is excessive power can blow it making the woofer sound terrible.

#4 Use a multimeter to measure the electric resistance of your subwoofers.

Use a multimeter to assess if the coil of a subwoofer is damaged.

Check for electrical resistance. If the electrical resistance is zero or if the reading isn’t consistent, the coil is damaged.

That said, a multimeter is definitely worth having!

#5 Get the technician to help address some necessary fixing.

If you think your subwoofer is performing badly, get the technician to check it properly and administer the necessary fixing.

You can probably do some troubleshooting for some system issues. If you think the issue is more technical, getting the technician to take a look is worth it.

Common subwoofer issues include humming/buzzing sound, rattling, distorted sound, and not powering on.

Bonus Question: How do you know if a subwoofer is good?

To explain simply, a good subwoofer can create a natural recorded space sound. It does what it does the correct way and it shouldn’t be discreet, not glaring obviously.

I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean if you have suffered from booming sound due to a bad subwoofer.

And nope, technical specifications won’t do alone! You have to do your homework and try one for yourself to land at the best woofer.

Final Words

Subwoofers are important because it allows you to enjoy music and movies like how it sounds when the producers made them. They’re a great tool that makes everything pleasing to hear.

Of course, proper maintenance is needed for your subwoofer to last longer.

If you’re asking how long a typical subwoofer will last, it can last for four to seven years on average. Some can even last up to 20+ years if it’s a really top notch woofer!

So, go on. Choose the best quality subwoofer and be sure to maintain it!

Looking Back on The Internet Dance Trends That Went Viral

Looking Back on The Internet Dance Trends That Went Viral

Trends come and go over the years, and one trend that is consistently staying popular and changing with the times are dance trends. These first started with popular music videos, and the videos of everyone recreating it would be posted to Facebook and Youtube, becoming so popular that it was even mentioned on the news (such as the Harlem Shake), whilst the dance trends of today seem to be more isolated to TikTok, with people dueting videos to join in on it, or even making up their own versions to try and become popular. Let’s take a look back at some of the most viral dance trends.

The Harlem Shake

As mentioned earlier the Harlem Shake was one of the original dance trends of the late 2000’s and it didn’t really require much skill or dancing. It was done to a song of the same name, and it usually started with people staying very still until the beat dropped, in which they would start shaking and flailing around in strange and different ways. The simplicity and fun nature of it is what made it so popular, with people making big efforts to have the best version of it, including getting their whole school involved or dressing up as popular characters.

Gangnam Style

The strange nature of this video with an extremely catchy tune, as well as the somewhat strange dance moves is what made this one so popular. This one actually went viral a year before the Harlem Shake, and the music video ended up having several billion views not long after its release. Even celebrities joined in on this trend for how silly and fun it was, and it was something all ages could participate in.

Whip/Nae Nae

This dance featured in several vines and is something people still do to this day. It only involved two different moves which are easy to recreate, that being the ‘whip’ and then the ‘nae nae’. Similar to some of the other trends featured, its simplicity as well as it being paired with a popular song at the time helped it go viral, as well as it being easy to use in tandem with other songs. It is still used as a meme today where someone will pretend to trip or fall, and then go into the ‘whip’ move, and this has also been used to lead into a dance routine.

The Floss

Another trend that has stayed relevant long after its fame is The Floss. This dance was actually created by a child in a video that went viral, and with it at first, seeming a little confusing to follow, it was something everyone wanted to do and learn. The creator, who was dubbed ‘The Backpack Kid’, was even invited onto a show to perform this dance whilst singers were performing, and its popularity meant that it was even incorporated into Fortnite, which only extended its fame and popularity. And due to it being included on Fortnite, many children were able to see and learn the dance, and they still do it now, over five years after it was first put on the internet.

The Renegade

The Renegade is a dance that went viral on TikTok in 2020, which incorporates different viral dance moves. Out of the most popular viral dances, it is one of the longer ones which requires a little more skill. It takes less than a minute to perform and is done to the song ‘Lottery’ by K-Camp, and it involves dance moves such as The Woah, The Wave, and of course The Dab. Out of all the dance trends on TikTok, this one stayed around the longest and has been the most popular on the platform by far. This was even performed on TheTonight Show with Jimmy Fallon by Addison Rae, a viral TikTok artist who has created some dances herself (though this one was created by Jalaiah Harmon).

Domino Lovers Challenge

This is a very recent dance trend that also went viral on TikTok, and it involves two people doing a series of coordinated hand movements. It is very easy to learn and is one of the few trends that actually involves having another person to do it, most are something that can be performed single-handedly. It is done to Jessie J’s song ‘Domino’ which was released all the way back in 2011 but has since been revived with this new trend. Jessie J herself has even joined in on this trend and posted the video to TikTok, and how could she not when it is her song being used for it?

Of course, most of these trends don’t require any skill or dance practice beforehand, but for some of the more difficult ones then you could look into dance classes. There are people who offer dance classes no matter where you live and these dance classes in Orange County are a good start for anyone, including beginners or those with some previous experience.

And if you’re not fussed about learning to be a skilled dancer, you could always try out one of these trends, or download TikTok to see new ones. There is something for everyone of every skill set and age, so just have fun and try to learn something new!

Which Celebrity Couples are Making Waves in the World of Fashion

Which Celebrity Couples are Making Waves in the World of Fashion

Though we may not like to admit it, celebrities indeed have a big influence on the clothes that we wear. It is true to say that celebrities are trendsetters and the clients of some of the biggest designers out there, so what they wear has an influence on all of the latest clothing trends.

In particular, designers have been paying a lot of attention to celebrity couples. It is expected that both people look good within a relationship and so both members of celebrity couples put the work in to look as fashionable as possible. With both members of the couple looking so good, they tend to get joint sponsorships and deals with big companies, so how their look contributes a lot to their success.

A lot of celebrity couples have cashed in on this, here are just some of the celebrity couples that are making waves in the world of fashion.

MGK and Megan Fox

MGK and Megan Fox

MGK and Megan Fox is the latest celebrity couple that has the world absolutely obsessed. Their relationship has not existed for too long, but since it has, it has been the only thing that most news networks have talked about.

The couple is known for their out-there fashion choices and at every reward ceremony that they have visited recently, they have certainly been impressed with their looks. At the start of the year, Megan shocked the world by wearing a dress made of nothing but chains, which had been requested by MGK. MGK has his roots in the punk genre and likes to dress to watch up with this lifestyle.

He is truly desperate to live the life of a rockstar and he and Megan even started to wear matching necklaces, both filled with vials of each other’s blood. Now I definitely do not recommend that you start wearing your partner’s blood, but the sentiment is there. You can instead try rocking some matching bracelets for couples, as this will likely have the exact same effect and won’t require the use of any blood.

Zayn Malik and GiGi Hadid

Zayn Malik and GiGi Hadid

When there is a couple made up of a singing superstar and an international model, it is really expected that the couple is nothing but extremely fashionable. Zayn and GiGi live up to this expectation and are sure to amaze people with their fantastic looks at every big event.

Zayn has a very classic style that is very timeless and matches perfectly with GiGi’s completely glamorous looks. GiGi is a model, which means some of the biggest names in fashion are always eager to dress her for big events. Zayn claims that he doesn’t want to outshine his girlfriend, as if that could ever be possible, but what he does wear complements her looks.

This couple has appeared several times in many best-dressed lists and it looks as though they will only continue stunning their fans with their stylish combos.

Kanye and Kim West

Kanye and Kim West

This couple is known for their rocky relationship and controversial political connections. Kanye recently released a brand new album and as a promo for this, he and Kim dressed in complete black at the recent Met Gala.

Kim is a Kardashian and so is a big influence on young women all over the world when it comes to fashionable looks. She and her sisters work with a lot of brands and so have access to some of the most gorgeous outfits out there.

Kanye is the owner of one of the biggest trainer brands in the world and so he is expected to always be dressed well.

5 Celebrities that Proudly Came out the Closet

5 Celebrities that Proudly Came out the Closet

We are lucky as we live in a time where you can be accepted, no matter what gender, race, or sexuality you may have. If we look back less than half a century ago, this would not have been the case and if you were someone that held celebrity status, you could easily be shunned by the public for coming out of the closet.

Thankfully this is no longer the case and celebrities can now come out of the closet without fear of persecution. Here are just some of the celebrities that proudly came out of the closet.

Dan Howell

If you are someone that spent a lot of the 2000s on Youtube then it is likely that you have stumbled across Dan’s page at some point. He is one of the most famous British Youtubers and along with his partner Phil Lester, Dan has accumulated many fans. Fans always joked that Dan and Phil were dating and they were very surprised when the pair revealed this was true in 2018. Dan has always encouraged his fans to find comfort in their own skin and be proud of who they are and if you are someone that has been questioning your sexuality recently, why not find out if you’re gay with this quiz? This way you will be able to work through your emotions and feel some sort of confirmation of your feelings.

JoJo Siwa

You may remember this star from the popular show Dance Moms. JoJo Siwa shocked the world by revealing she was a lesbian last year and has since started to date her long term friend. The world was very accepting of her announcement and offered her an onslaught of support. She continues to spread a positive message about pride and we all love her positivity on the subject.


Billy Porter

Billy is well known for his role in the hit Netflix show Pose. Billy has been in the industry for several decades now and in recent years he has let the world know that he is in fact HIV positive. Billy wants to educate the world on HIV and get rid of any existing stigma that may exist concerning the condition. He always wants to make it clear that it is no longer the death sentence it once was, all while spreading positivity on the matter.


Casey Frey

You may recognise this star from his Vine fame. In the last year, Casey came out as bisexual and shared a picture of himself with his male partner. When asked why he didn’t come out sooner, Casey simply replied that he didn’t think it matted and that it didn’t exactly change who he was. What we love about Casey is just how casual he has been about the matter, as we believe we should be evolving into a world where sexuality isn’t a big deal and announcing your sexuality no longer exists.

Lil Nas X

This artist has been very vocal about his sexuality since he reached his celebrity status in 2012. The rapper and singer has made no attempts to hide the fact that he is gay and he has actually created a lot of songs that are based around his own struggle with his sexuality. Recently he came under fire for releasing a music video that showed him in sexually promiscuous situations with men, but he was quick to fire back at the critics, claiming that his video was no different to rap videos sexualising women. Lil Nas is continuing to upset homophobes around the world and we support him in doing so.