What Your Harry Potter House Reveals About Your Personality

What Your Harry Potter House Reveals About Your Personality

If you are a Harry Potter fan, then it is likely that you have taken the Hogwarts house quiz on the official Pottermore page. For die-hard fans out there, the results of this test are often taken very seriously, especially if you communicate with fellow Harry Potter fans online.

When you are sorted into a house, you are sorted into a family within the Potterhead community. However, there is a common misconception that Gryffindor is the only good house and the rest don’t compare, but that is not the case. Each house has its own positive aspects and reveals a lot about your character. Here is what your Harry Potter House reveals about your personality.

  • Gryffindor

This is the house that most people hope to get, due to the focus that it got within the book series. If you are sorted into Gryffindor by the sorting hat, then you should be very happy with your results. People within Gryffindor are commended for their bravery and ability to solve problems. Gryffindors are also very loyal people and put a lot of focus into enforcing fairness and making sure the rules are followed.

  • Slytherin

There is a common misconception that people in Slytherin are mean or have cruel intentions. Though there were some evil Slytherins in the series, this does not reflect all Slytherins. People sorted into the Slytherin house are usually incredibly clever and ambitious, which can often come across as arrogance to those who don’t know them. Above anything, people in Slytherin are extremely resourceful and can accomplish what they set out to accomplish, even when they have limited resources to work with. If you have been sorted into this house, you should be proud, as you are certainly a formidable character.

  • Hufflepuff

If you are someone that loves the Harry Potter series, the first thing that came to your head was probably that Hufflepuffs are great at finding things. Within the series, Hufflepuff’s are considered to be the nice guys of Hogwarts. Every Hufflepuff has an approachable personality, which you may possess yourself. Hufflepuffs are also very fair and very hard working, which makes them perfect for some of the most tedious jobs. Because of their fair nature, Hufflepuffs are often confided in when it comes to trying to deal with a problem, as they can usually evaluate the situation with a level head.

  • Ravenclaw

People that are sorted into Ravenclaw are known for their intelligence. In the book, to access the Ravenclaw quarters, you have to be able to solve a riddle. If you have been sorted into Ravenclaw, you should definitely take it as a big compliment. Not only are people from Ravenclaw very clever, but they are extremely quick-witted. Ravenclaws are natural problem solvers, which makes them excellent to have around during a crisis. If you have been sorted into Ravenclaw, it is likely because of your ability to quickly find solutions to problems that others may be struggling with.

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11 Things We Know About The Mortal Kombat (2021) Movie

The Mortal Kombat of 1995 was really a tragedy; the two-year sequence was much worse, which also led Midway to abandon the film series and to allow it to sleep for centuries. Warner Bros bought the rights in 2010; the sequence will be re-immortalized throughout a few short days, mostly on the big screen.

Though the first two films are hilariously bad, although for their release times, it’s evident that WB is changing the series dramatically. Although many supporters are left in limbo, even when they are so close to releasing, we know a great deal that will carefully optimize the fans.

It’s a Reboot

1995’s Mortal Kombat is indeed a film so terrible it’s really good and culminated with the worst actions ever; then it is no surprise that this is entirely ignored by the studio.

Rather than follow the film, it is rebooted and restarted, and it will certainly establish a franchise for several more films by Mortal Kombat as lengthy while the first is effective.

Movie Will Consist of Fatalities

The Fatility, one other adversary, winning the battle using one of the grotesque and brutalized movements shown in the video game, was the most intrinsic image of the video game series to anyone who does not know.

Director will be at a Helm

While the film is created by James Wan, recognized for his large films like Furious 7 as well as Aquaman, but not forget a pantheon of horror films, an untitled movie, Simon McQuoid, targeted the cinema.

Mortal Kombat is going to be McQuoid’s film debut, not only if a first film director is now at the helm, but because when the vessel of an enormous hit film, which would be obviously the start of a long, is a major concern.

Screenwriter of the Movie

The 2021 reboot would then hopefully perform the remarkable action sequences as the scenario writer David Callaham does have an enthusiasm for Jiu-Jitsu. The combat choreography is among the few stuff that has aged like great wine more about the original movie.

Callaham is one of Spider-most Man’s demanded screenplays at the moment, trying to write the forthcoming Marvel movie Legenden der Ten Rings and Shang-Chi and Spider-sequel. Man’s Perhaps not, but, contrary to Callaham, the very first time director has given a tonne of Hollywood blockbusters.

The Movie Will Be Rated R

Since Mortal Kombat is among the goriest and bloody games ever played, it is also the main reason why this is so amusing. When this had been eliminated in the 1995 film, the whole object of the IP had essentially been removed.

Fortunately, with death, bones, blood, as well as brains would then drip the film. The studio has boldly stated that the film is definitely R-rated.

The Making of the Movie Started in 2010

No one does more than just film studios by merely stating, “If you first wouldn’t achieve success, attempt it, attempt it once again,” as though the movie is underperforming or not received, they begin to try and correct or relaunch the series.

The Great Movie Cast

It’s shocking that there was no big blockbuster actor to draw a broader audience for a film as niche as Mortal Kombat. Fortunately, even so, the film is overwhelmed with a tonne of Japanese, Chinese, and Singaporean actors.

Two confirmed characters were presented, such as Scorpion fan and Sonya Blade are favorites, which also lead to an enormous list of wants of fans of the series, mostly on a large screen.

Release Date of the Movie

Because it is one of 2021’s more famous films, it is one of Warner Bros’s first tent polar films, which will be released on April 16, 2021, both within the theatres as well as on HBO Max.

We don’t see anything about the film yet, oddly sufficiently, less than four months after the launch date. Although we were supposed to get a trailer at this time, there was not so much like a screenshot of the film; that’s more of a worry.

The Composer of the Movie

The composer of the film not just makes Mortal Kombat exciting and also prestigious. Benjamin Wallfisch has not written music for a bad film for all of the other mounting things to fear about the reliability of this film.

Like David Callaham, Wallfisch is yet another Hollywood-based artist and also composed For Invisible Man, It Chapter One & Two & Shazam.

It will be a Theatrical Release

Two theatrical Mortal Kombat films have already been noted. The 1995 film of Highlander’s Christopher Lambert and Paul W.S. Anderson was so bad-it-good. But so bad is Mortal Kombat Annihilation, where Johnny Cage has been murdered in the same way that it was the first 5 minutes. So the theatre release of Mortal Kombat in 2021 will become the 3rd.

However, there were also two only certain animated films to notice. Mortal Kombat was there: The Journey Starts, a prelude to the very first film that went out during 1995 and sucked. There’s also the 2020 Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge, which would be the finest Mortal Kombat film ever produced. Will it be even more innovative in version 2021? Only the time is going to tell Kronika.

New Character will be Featured

The very first two Mortal Kombat films were started by Liu Kang, played by Robin Shou, so why not? And although Scorpion or Sub-Zero was without hesitation the faces of the sequence also at the time, a whole story about these 2 characters would’ve been probably tricky to build. So, it’s been, Liu Kang.

But this approach is not taken in the new film. Instead, Lewis Tan, the actor of Deadpool 2, is going to play Cole Young, who’s now a mixed-martial artist who gets confused throughout the martial arts team event. He does have a secret history and evidently stumbles into the competitors when Shang Tsung has sent out Sub-Zero to murder him. And it’s really distinct, which is interesting, from earlier episodes.

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7 Things About “Doctor Strange” That Don’t Make Sense

Marvel goes very well, WandaVision, as well as I chose to reconsider Doctor Strange mostly with the supposition that Dr. Strange could show up until the storyline has finished. Even when I liked the film more for this last sighting, with Doctor Strange, I could not help but identify specific issues that I did not realize the very first time.

Anyway, to be evident, such lines are all very nitpicky as well as, while creating specific issues only for the plot, you don’t really have an overall impact on its performance if you’d rather be a sticker. Let’s rewind the clock as well as recall reading, like the Old Testament tells, that not everything must be meaningful.

Doctor Blowing Himself Brazenly

Stephen’s physician consultation is among Doctor Strange’s most excellent strange action sequences, especially since it is not so precise to actual situations. Stephen is consulting an influential surgeon for the outside world throughout the hope of getting some other kind of work done on his arms to have the additional version back. The physician describes that he can’t perform the operation, but he does this in the most unprofessional way. He’s rough or even wants to hang on to Stephen while he wants to speak. He’s rotten. You must believe he might have gone with a more innovative method, and I don’t know how he shot it all this way.

The Car Accident Circumstances

Stephen Strange’s a prick also at the start of the film, but he’s not inherently a risk-taker, I could categorize him. The fact that he gets injured when looking at an x-ray during a fast sports car has become so strange because he cannot start on his patient populations, he thinks will defect from his perfect season. In addition to the apparent risk, do you think somebody would take another few cares to examine the files of a patient already when individuals cooperate to operate on each other when they’re so concerned about such a successful operation? Why don’t you slip coffee mostly on the slick road?

I must point out that a car crash corresponds to its roots throughout the comic book, even though I believe his hands could otherwise have been hurt.

The Scene of Apple Eating

Even before Stephen gets Agamotto’s Eye, he checks the impact of the device by handling an apple from which he has a dick. When it quickly advances, the apple gets the most bites and starts to decompose. The pattern is cool, but it doesn’t make logical sense because nobody eats the apple after the episode. If Dr. Strange doesn’t eat the apple again, why does he go on in every timely manner? Is it not more meaningful than yet another bit inside it would only be rotated? The photo is nice, but I have seen the True Blood going to open quite a few times to know that it can be nice to watch things rot.

The Rotunda with Gateways

It is indeed a large enterprise of miracles that enables customers to experience one of several three places on Earth in the New York Sanctum Sanctorum. However cool, unless the sorcerers also weren’t provided a sling ring which enables someone to open portals to any place or even a whole other aspect, it would be far more beneficial. It’s somewhat difficult to justify someone with one of the three doors once you have such stuff. That’s like having an internet connection because everyone has a smartphone at home. Maybe because it’s beneficial, or because nobody was actually thinking about getting rid of it?

The Defibrillator Scene

A few times now, I’ve started to watch this scene and still don’t know how well the defibrillator pattern did work. Stephen’s spirit ends up going and goes on to tell Christine, after which he takes his assailant, to shock him only with the defibrillator. The surprise kills the man and hits his body, but Stephen is uninfluenced in some way? Bear in mind, and he has been the guy between the two in the worst physical form. He had also just restarted his heart, and Palmer was shocked by him so quickly afterward. After this meeting, Stephen basically hops off the medical table, yet the man’s cap shrunk off?

The Time Loop in the Dark Dimension 

This is Dr. Strange’s most significant moment, and also, when you believe what happened, it is most complicated. In order to ‘bargain’ with Dormammu, Stephen needs to enter this same dark aspect. The pattern is incredible, and I won’t change a thing, and this makes no sense that this whole premise about what Doctor Strange had been doing. In the Dark Dimension, the moment doesn’t really exist, so he shouldn’t really be able to develop a time loop, mostly on Time Stone. I believe it makes the most sense, although I would like to think that perhaps the stone changes the time at most and does not produce it; I believe, if we work from the point of view that maybe the stone was originally built momentarily throughout the dark dimension.

Refusal from the Ancient One to Train Dr. Strange

Doctor Strange starts to feel like such a low cost shot, and yet provided that perhaps the MCU is an entire body of work, I must say that it would be an odd mistake for the Old One to instantly oppose Stephen Strange’s workout. Thanks to Avengers: Endgame, Hulk is visiting The Old Man well before she formally meets Strange. Even so, even though time has been relative, she understands who Strange is or ends up giving the Time Stone to Hulk because Dr. Strange is “is really the biggest” But taking into account how cautiously the MCU is created, somebody would have recognized this. I know that Doctor Strange happened to come years until this present time in actual situations.

Dr. Strange is one of the best movies of the Marvel Universe that one should watch. You can ignore some scenes mentioned above; otherwise, the film is a treat to watch.

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5 Reasons Why “Godzilla Vs. Kong” Is The Movie We’ve Been Waiting For

Wow. Well, I honestly believe, wow! the Godzilla Vs. The Kong teaser that has recently been dropped is incredible! As just a lifetime Godzilla follower who watched each Godzilla movie from Toho and the 3 American movies of Godzilla, all I have to say is that it’s finally here! Personally, I haven’t been a supporter of the great Godzilla films or even the MonsterVerse films in particular. And it certainly looked like the fierce Godzilla I’ve spent so long waiting for. As well as hey, King Kong isn’t slouched, either, but I’m going to get into him afterward.

Godzilla will Show his Evil Looks

And here is the Godzilla point. Mainly, it needs to come within just two flavors. You’ve got the evil Godzilla, who’s now a force of nature and doesn’t care about human life. That’s also my favorite Godzilla so that you can discover it in movies like the initial 1954, The Return of Godzilla released in 1984, as well as Shin Godzilla. Then you’ve got a kind of anti-hero Godzilla. That’s the Godzilla that most people are familiar with as it usually fights other creatures like Megalodon, Gigan, as well as, of course, King Ghidora.

But this is the possible option. The tone of Godzilla’s evil films is always very dark as well as foreboding, mainly since he’s been murdering civilians. Inverse proportion, the tone of Godzilla’s anti-hero films is generally even lighter. However, the Legendary Photos films have somewhat mucked these two tones so far. That both the 2014 Godzilla: King of its Demons and Godzilla film have used the quite dark tones that are commonly associated only with despicable Godzilla, but rather an anti-hero Godzilla, that has always been quite off to me. And according to the whole recent trailer, Godzilla Vs. The Kong is turning Godzilla into a villain straight off the bat. This same tone of this teaser may seem more appropriate for Godzilla’s anti-hero than those for Godzilla’s stepped villain, and I’ve been eager for Godzilla’s evil throughout the MonsterVerse since the very start. But now, let’s hope, we’re going to get him.

Fights of Godzilla in Daytime

It’s a great one around here. Skull Island, I genuinely love Kong. And I genuinely think it is the only decent film that we’ve made already when it did come to just the MonsterVerse. I believe that much ends up going to just the reality that if all the fighting in Kong, namely Skull Island, really can be seen. From look, those were Monster Movies, as well as I expect to look into Smashing into each other whenever I see disaster movies. Emphasis on seeing. Godzilla does not really battle through till the later part of the 2014 Godzilla film, but it’s in the dark, and you can’t really see any of it. Why does this happen? The King of the Monsters in Godzilla, the battles are often in obscurity again. How some, again?!

Were also they relatively inexpensive only? I understand now, but there was no point to me. I wouldn’t know. I saw many fighting Godzilla throughout the daytime. For example, in Shin Godzilla, most devastation occurs every day. Fortunately, Godzilla Vs. Kong looks forward to fighting at least one day. Has it been that too much to ask about?

Truly Worthy Opponents

Mechagodzilla, who is very rumored, is the possible option I said in a previous article, I would like to see in the whole trailer. And as might have gleaned at the start of the trailer, I wouldn’t care for every other demon in that movie after seeing King Kong deck Godzilla straight in the face. King Kong, as well as Godzilla, under their own, are deserving enough opponents.

Godzilla has already been fighting King Kong throughout Godzilla’s third Toho film, King Kong Vs. The Godzilla, for those that don’t understand. But with you, I’m going, to be honest. The whole type of film sucks. King Kong throws rocks as well as rolls throughout the location as if he was a Dark Souls personality or something. However, the fights appear dramatic in Godzilla vs. The Kong. So if I walked through Godzilla in the truck, I actually got goosebumps. I got goosebumps. I can’t wait to see this movie, sincerely. 

True Representation of King Kong and Godzilla

How much I admire about this Godzilla vs. the Kong teaser would be that it makes it look as if both protagonists in this film are represented equally. One point I was bugging in this teaser was that Godzilla just said something incorrectly because he was damaging. Therefore, it looks like we’ll have the entire story arc of how some Godzilla acts, such as Godzilla, well.

It was fascinating, however, that we will get some background for Kong as well. He just pays attention to this just one girl as per this teaser. And I like the chance to build a fight among two characters who will get the same amount of time on the screen. Thus, this film has less to do with human personages but more about the demons. That was what we would like to see even then, I mean, right? Godzilla as well as King Kong. Their identities throughout the headline are right.

Godzilla Vs. the Kong will be Fun!

Godzilla vs. the Kong looks very, very fun, last but not least, likely most significantly! Kong: That was super enjoyable on Skull Island. But It’s so dull have been the two Legendary Godzilla films. Look presently, I recognize. Many Godzilla films stop moving, many of which focus on more people, unlike Godzilla. But the movie of Legends Godzilla ended up going only with original characters overboard. If I still liked Godzilla shown in the films, it would not be terrible, but I shouldn’t. He’s lame and weak, I believe.

However, this film looks entertaining! Ultimately, the total movie can be a slogan like some other two Godzilla films, but this trailer can demonstrate only a small portion, including its runtime at all the intense moments. But from now on, this trailer has a lot of fun with the film, and I take a glance forward to that. Can we possibly have a Jet Jaguar look? I mean, we’re not going to, of course, but couldn’t Gaijin Kaiju dream?

There are, therefore, five reasons how some, after seeing that trailer, I genuinely look forward to Godzilla vs. the Kong. 

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5 Reasons Why Brad Pitt’s “Troy” Is Actually One Of the Best Movies of All Time

I love the film, Troy, all right? This is my preferred film, and I’m not ashamed to acknowledge it. But while I understand Brad Pitt’s sword, as well as epic sandals, isn’t Spartacus, you should ask me, “Do you somewhat less watch Troy or Spartacus? “I’m picking Troy ten times out of ten. And Spartacus isn’t any less by Stanley Kubrick, my favorite director. And yet I care nothing! But I care not! Troy really is so great to see at least once per week, and I likely can’t get tired of it. I really enjoy it!

Take a glance now. Troy also isn’t inherently a masterpiece, I understand. Indeed, if you compare it with something like Gladiator, I will not even say it is a “good” movie. However, while Revelation Now is one’s all-time favorite film, Deep Trouble is my second favorite film in little China. So, alongside my super serious dramas, I’m taking stupid wigs and cheese, many thanks. In this article, we have jotted down the five major reasons for Troy being the best movie of all time.

Brad Pitt Plays the Role of Perfect Achilles

Indeed, since I just finally read Madeline Miller’s outstanding novel This same Achilles Song. This book does tell from Achilles’ possibly homosexual lover, Patroclus, who certainly’s a homosexual throughout the book but perhaps just a homosexual in The Island, and not a homosexual in the film. However, the story about the Iliad of Homer helps make Achilles the whole badass hero, that he’s almost this same invincible powerhouse which is very proud of those same gods. So, truthfully I cannot imagine some other actor in Hollywood playing such a great figure as Brad Pitt. He is suitable for the role, “Immortality,” so if he shouts. Take it, take it! “I feel, dude. The same as, in my soul right now.

Yeah, I know that. Also, the role was not very good at Brad Pitt, and he said that it was a tipping point in his professional life because he never wanted to do any of this again. But of his productivity, you definitely will not know it. He’s sneezing; he is laughing, he’s mugging. Moreover, for this role, he was in peak physical form. There is nothing here from Fight Club for that dim muscular Tyler Durden to take a glance. No. He is just like, but I can regard him for that perfect beefcake in this film. The dude had brolic. In this movie, Brad Pitt kicks ass! As well, as I do, even though the role doesn’t matter to him.

Brian Cox is Best at his Role

Often I ask who best chews the scene: Brian Cox or Anthony Hopkins? And likely I would give Sir this same edge, while also I would. I’d undoubtedly say, Anthony Hopkins, that Brian Cox does have a real feast in Troy. He continues to play with aplomb the starving King Agamemnon.

He continues to dominate each scene in him. Agamemnon is indeed an idiot with hybris to spare in poetry, and yet Brian Cox makes him threatened in the film. Looking at Hector and playing Eric Bana, he says to him that “every Trojan son is going to die,” it really doesn’t appear like a silent threat. It makes it sound as if he is willing to kill each last man in the city. Moreover, he really teaches the picture with Peter O’Toole.

The Movie Showcase the More Realistic Approach Towards the Epic Poems 

The gods are mainly featured in both Homer’s The Virgil’s Aeneid and Iliad. And it’s awesome! For example, there will be a section in The Iliad in which Paris would be to fight Agamemnon’s younger brother, Menelaus. Aphrodite hurdles inside and rescues groups him even before Menelaus can kill Paris, a complete cop. Oh, Homer, I honestly believe, come on! No one likes to have your former machine!

But the film is quite different. Several of the kings in the movie actually think the gods will save the others. But Hector continues to tell you that you need to think logically, but no one hears him. As reasonably as I love the story, and I believe it strengthens the story a lot.

The Movies Pieces are Set Perfectly

You’ve got the set parts, then. Many other shields, as well as slashed swords, were also brought up, but you never lose yourself in battle. Instead, it is all well done, and the epic moments are supposed to be incredible, while the quieter scenes are definitely time for shining.

In many movies like this, the struggles only move too fast, and that only the size, as well as scale of battle, are felt. But every battle in Troy is worthwhile. Every death is dignified to be on this screen. You could even despise the act or even the dialogue in this film, but I can’t see that the activity and the scenery can be hated. They are fantastic! 

It’s a Combination of Histories two Epic Poems

And finally, Troy is both The Iliad as Well as the Aeneid, an excellent companion. Of course, she takes her liberties. But if both poems have been read and watched, you could get a lot from this movie and enjoy it that much more.

Indeed, whether you’re involved in the Troy Sack, I’d say Troy is a lot to watch. It’s quite distinct, and it also continues the adventures carefully sufficiently to see everything from a nearly wholly different viewpoint. Again, I love this film and find every reason to witness this over and over again. And if trying to make it look historically relevant is a way for me to see this also, I will end up making it historically significant! So, watch Troy! And why don’t you show it to everyone? Children are going to like that probably. Or perhaps they’re not going to. I wouldn’t know that. I appear to be the only person that likes the film really.

So I must say that Troy is definitely a must-watch movie and you must see this movie and enjoy it with your family and friends.

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5 Problems We Had With The “Tenet” Movie (Even It is a Christopher Nolan Movie)

You must have just seen the latest film by the director Christopher Nolan, and I know why a few people, such as our own Sean O’ Connell, adored the film, or why some individuals can not bear it.

I could really definitely admire the fact that Christopher Nolan made the most costly cerebral film in history, but I think it’s nice to have this cerebral movie. And Tenet didn’t like me. Just like, at all. Or anything. I’m glad that it’s eventually being streamed since more individuals can express their opinion, and yet I don’t think that it was wise to wait. There seem to be a variety of reasons I experience like that, and here are the five major problems I’ve had with the movie. Oh, and spoilers are going to be upfront. You understand just that.

You Cannot Get the Story Behind the Movie Character

You may like Robert Pattinson and Kenneth Branagh. And you may look forward to seeing where the career of John David Washington’s BlacKkKlansman will go next. But in this film, I didn’t care for any of their characters. I believe it’s since none of them are interested in why they’re doing it they do.

For example, take the protagonist of John Washington, The Protagonist. I like all of the things that “ignorance is our munitions” when his persona creates Tenet in the long term, but I do not care, either. But it’s primarily because the background of his personality is not given to latch on. I know it’s purposeful, but that just sucks, too. Or what about the character of Robert Pattinson? What is his agreement? You understand what? I got no idea. It doesn’t seem Christopher Nolan believes that was necessary to bridge us, but why should I give a damn? Honestly, I think Kat, whose sole purpose of safeguarding her son, does not echo with me as she comes into contact, hardly even to him, but yet again, why then should I care about him? I mean, even Debicki’s character Kat. It is, I’m not; that’s an enormous problem.

Film Sound Quality is Not Up to the Mark

Much of my ambiguity just because this film is so noisy, or sometimes throughout these noisy situations, people start saying. That was a significant issue because this is a film you demand to comprehend everything. After all, the concept of time-reversal is the most significant point of sale for this film. And yet gee, golly whiz, I will not even understand half of what is happening if I saw that film in the theatre. Fortunately, I can only recover at home. But to require that it be released theatrically, Nolan makes sure each line is audible, the least he might have done. 

The Film is Full of Exposition

It’s a great depth, but in a few sentences, you can understand the plot. “These dream thieves generally do it in the heads of people to steal ideas, but they’re in the head of someone to plant an idea. Quite cool right? “How would I illustrate to Tenet, however? “It’s a period, well, and yet time travel isn’t time. More like a reversal of time. What is that? Well, entropy is involved. This guy may go into the past, yet he won’t have the opportunity to get a glimpse into the present, because… yeah.”

Conversely, Christopher Nolan did put together many patterns where even the protagonists talk about a time reverse rather than make them digestible to viewers through sequential action, story beats. We contact it just as a data dump throughout the literary world. And while the infrequent information dump is all right, Tenet goes far beyond it, and neither scene is even distantly interesting. They actually bog the entire film, bringing me to my first point.

The Movie is Unnecessarily Long

Tenet is two hours & thirty minutes, each second feeling it. I wouldn’t know why it should be an exciting opera house episode, and it wasn’t just that. This reminds me of that wonderful intro with a bank robbery in the Dark Knight or of that phenomenal opening sequence with the plane hijacking in the Dark Knight rises. Both starts were very attractive.

And all the marks of grandeur were on this intro. But it was only a slog that followed. I’ve never decided to invest in everything that has happened, and the film isn’t fast enough, at least to make me feel I didn’t waste time watching it. I always wondered, instead, if it ever was over. That’s likely my last point.

The Movie Concept Disrupts the Storytelling

This is Tenet’s thing. The movie is totally lost to you if you wouldn’t purchase into its idea. And I wouldn’t think this is the problem, although I haven’t understood all of it. I like medical dramas, for example, but only a few people I know are protagonists. In order to experience a medical drama, I do not need to know the medical jargon because it all concerns encounters in character. The drug wasn’t. But the whole thing is time-reversal with Tenet, and I wouldn’t care for time reversal.

And yet people don’t like Tenet, and that’s because the narration of stories takes a back seat for the idea of time reversal. The storytelling must always be first, but it doesn’t happen with Tenet.

But then what do you believe? I understand Tenet’s fans, one of them I would also want to be. 

Some people might like this movie, but there are a lot of things in the film that you won’t expect in Christopher Nolan’s movie and totally dislike no matter how much you love the work of the director. The reasons mentioned above are not the individual reaction, but many viewers out there believe it to be true and disliked the concept of the movie. But it’s totally on you whether to watch the movie or not. So if you want, you can give it a try and comment down your opinions.

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