Registrars usually look for someone that is attractive and powerful whenever it comes to entertaining a superhero. We should, therefore, not be too amazed that some of the same comic book characters continue to be cast. However, this trend has its disadvantages. After all, most of these tales pertain to one universe, then a guy who portrayed two characters is likely to meet.

But it seems that this major issue doesn’t worry the cinema industry too much. Numerous actors in television and film have played nearly two comic book positions. Some did this because their initial franchise did fail, but others seem to tell to get the job done.

Then which comic book performers can’t get enough? Ten actors have been playing more than one superhero character or comic book.

1. Ryan Reynolds

And here is another actor who hopes to get back with the fans of comic books. In 2011, Ryan Reynolds performed with Blake Lively at the Green Lantern. Hal Jordan had found an alien ring that could provide him with superpowers in the film. Then he follows a police service intergalactic. The film wasn’t an end result, and Reynolds said it’s not a succession. But this was not indeed the last time he stepped into a superhero suit.

In Deadpool, this same action star also played a great character. In the movie, a previous Special Forces activist is subjected to a cruel experiment and is given accelerated cures. Reynold’s second comic-book movie was much better than his last, with Deadpool’s mostly glowing reviews.

2. Ben Affleck

Nobody can neglect Daredevil in 2003 — but while they apparently tried it. Before improving other enhanced senses & martial arts acrobatics, Ben Affleck started playing the titular character who’d been blindsided by toxic waste.

Almost everybody agrees the film was a bomb, as well as the actor worries. “Affleck told Playboy, “The only film I really regret is Daredevil.” “This just ends up killing me. Also, it ends up killing me. I love this story, that protagonist and its fit tends to stay with me for the way it was.”

In Batman v Superman extra recent times, the actor played: Dawn of Justice. The film represents the prominent superheroes head to face, and Gotham starts to wonder what hero he needs.

3. Chris Evans

Again, we’ve got another instance of a second winner. The actor played Johnny Storm in 2005’s Fantastic Four, another of four astronauts who underwent insane changes following rays. Sadly, the critics were not especially well accepted either Fantastic Four or the 2007 follow-up.

Throughout 2011, he started playing in Captain America the titular character: The Very first Avenger, a dismissed soldier who takes a serum to get to be a super-soldier. Evans has since made eight films, including Captain America: Civil War 2016, to play that part. The actor thanks to the player because his luck has changed.

“Pay attention, they have me if Marvel needs me,” Entertainment Weekly told him. He said. “I’ve never seen such a connection with you — look at my curriculum vitalists and I’m used to it and like, ‘Ah is this film going to be awful? ‘Marvel simply can not stop wanting to make great films, in the sleep they do. It is like a playground as just an actor.” It’s great producers, directors, as well as scripts and actors.

4. Halle Berry

Halle Berry, and many others on this list, played a failure and considerably better role in the comics book. She plays Patience Phillips in 2004’s Catwoman, a woman who takes cat likes and has become the titular character. The actress did receive a Razzie actress for the position and agreed, “I would like to applaud Warner Bros. for casting me throughout this god-awful film.”

Fortunately, when offered adequate content, the performer has also shown that she’s doing a fantastic job. In the X-Men franchise, Berry currently plays Storm, an X-Men member with weather control capability.

5. Brandon Routh

In 2006 Superman Returns, the actor played Superman. The film received some positive feedback; however, the studio did not have too many of the most films to go forward. Henry Cavill eventually replaced the actor in Man of Steel in 2013. Brandon Routh has since shifted gears on a small screen by portraying another character.

He’s playing Atoma, a shrinking superhero and superhero with Tomorrow’s legends and Arrow. Routh doesn’t play this hero for the first time. In fact, he started playing Atom on the TV, The Flash. Routh tried to tell IGN it is still a lot different from his former positions about his framework.

6. Aaron Johnson

In 2010, the actor depicted Dave Lizewski, a high school student who trains himself in Kick-Ass of becoming a hero without superpowers. In contrast to some other movies in this list, Kick-Ass was done really well and had a sequel. This does not mean, however, that the actor has not accepted other comic book roles.

He represented Quicksilver, an X-Men protagonist that can move extremely quickly in 2015, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

7. Tommy Jones

We had a much more colorful, camping Batman series prior to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. We have Tommy Lee Jones in a dress that really reflects his name in Batman Forever rather than having a distressing and dark Two-Face.

In the role of Men in Black, Jones did not return. In Kay, Men in Black, a stoned private detective who monitors foreign interactions on Earth was portrayed by the actor. He needs to take in the protagonist of Will Smith as well as train him as an agent of the MIB.

8. Ray Stevenson

With Punisher: War Zone, the player entered the comic book world for the first time. The film shows his person from a deep-cover FBI agent to a guard who needs vengeance for the assassination of his family.

In the Marvel Universe, the action star then relocated to a very distinct character. In the Thor series, he started playing Volstagg. He is among the Three Warriors, a group that fights to defend Asgard.

So these were some of the great Hollywood actors that have roles in different roles in various Superhero movies. You must definitely watch their films with your family and friends and have a fun movie day.