Metal songs are trendy in the 21st century and have a huge fan base. In this article, we have jotted down ten metal songs that are famous in the 21st century.

Every time I Die

It is relatively slower than just about any other lyric in the Finnish discography, only blazing as well as ultra-technical Bodom children. Insane solo music is a staple of Children’s songs, but the song is more profound than the usual Bodom shred-fest, the guitar as well as keyboard works. The track is vital to Bodom, listening to the metal of the 21st century.

Down With the Sickness

Everybody suddenly knew who Disturbed was; something primal was going to build from the Midwest and with an ooh-wah-ah. In fact, Down With the Sickness has been the second single from the band’s trendy debut album, The Sickness. The course covers the topic of independence and mistreatment. The music is set to reach the top of No. 5 on mainstream media rock radio, No. 8 of the Alternative Airplay charts.

The Wicker Man

When they met with Bruce Dickinson as well as Adrian Smith, Iron Maiden’s inventory grew up fast. Supporters wanted to know how their original stuff would fit into their classics with the classic lineup restored. This track, punchy and burstempled with melody, sparked the powder keg, which was Iron Maiden’s stunning 21st run. “Very good,” as shown by the Brave New world lead single “The Wicker Man.”

Right Here in My Arms

Throughout the early 2000s, HIM was really a staple of MTV, alongside Jackass and all the shows with Bam Margera. Essentially, Ville Valo has been the important rock star of such an era, having to turn these same girls into mush every time they rotated “Right here in my arms.” HIM’s absolutely adored metal brand even now holds brilliantly, not just as the MTV nostalgia for a millennium.

Pinball Map

Colony suggested a change of tides only one year ago for Sweden’s In Flames. The band made the unspeakable — gasp on that 2000 album! — an influential clean singing! It isn’t really sacrilegious, but Jesterhead’s old high school won’t see it like that. It is indeed their deficit — especially “Pinball Map” represented an already-border band that wanted to expand their sound still further. But it started working, and it worked.


BrB DENG launched a new supporter generation into Mudvayne’s “DIG”—his second life and “Most Brutal Metal Scream of the year 2012″—in the same late 2010s. At the same time, the genre decreased by 2000, L.D. Fifty hit Nu-Metal in one’s arm to destroy their residences at the beginning of the new millennium.

Revolution Is My Name

Although mostly recognized for one’s job throughout the metal world, Rock Radio, late in its run, embraced Pantera, as that of the reinvention of the steel album “Revolution Is My Title” hit the airwaves. The track was their second-highest monitoring song, mostly on Radio, hitting Mainstream Rock No. 28, but likely Pantera supporters can not give a damn less for radio statistics and needed to turn on this Pantera classic and feel its grooves.


2001 was a crucial time of metal, and although Down’s System, Tool, and Slipknot define popular music, that is with the iconic Jane Doe that Converges conquered the underground. The starting duo of its album fuse together to generate a whirlwind of sound violence, trying to push extreme metal to locations of disgust, wilderness, and poetry.

Violent Revolution

The resurgence of its Thrash Grands of the 1980s happened to come at the coming of the modern era. The 1990s were a difficult stage for thrashers, but the experimental work of Kreator has been reasonably good, but Kreator was a musical reinvention in 2001. Even though their careless, off-rail method from the past few decades has been passed, a new sound came, which still retained Kreator’s visceral advantage as one of its most aggressive acts, the class separation. “Violent Revolution” has been announced among the most beloved tracks of the German group.

Piss Angel

Piss Angel’s guitar work in Scott Hull brings a Pantera-like crunch alongside drum beats and vocal harmonies with which he has attacked fans for centuries. Hearing the whole of Prowler for the very first time, mostly on Yard, you will feel like you’ve stumped into the earth sonically, and Piss Angel brings one of the most vital endings in an album throughout the history of grind.

Chop Suey

A Down system tried to tackle suicide attempt intentions in its transparent way by this improbable mega-hit that managed, in the midst of 9/11, despite numerous playlists from a radio station. His phrases take into account how people are frequently defined looking at the way those who died – for example, through suicide and drug overdoses, and the unfairness of such a process of thinking, according to guitarist Daron Malakian. Musically speaking, the frenzy of the song does not make hearers prepare for its beautiful, accompanied piano summary and therefore add to a disturbing and powerful effect of the music.


In all languages, two factors have always been the same: songs and math. “Lateralus” is a mathematical piece and beauty of music, smartly designed even for intriguing timelines and rhythmic patterns just after the Fibonacci sequence. Just as the Fibonacci spiral model, the Lateralus is a spiraling crescendo of trippy peaks and valleys which take a loud whirlwind in an artistic journey to the public. If a key Tool Song is there, that really represents the group’s collective capacity for music and creativity, and it’s the one.

Final Words

These were some of the metal songs of the 21st century that have a huge fan base and are listened to by the younger generation. You must definitely add these songs to your playlist if you want to roll your body to the hard music and relax your mind and get away with the bad mood. These metal songs can be beneficial to the situation and raise your mood.