Skyscraper Stereo talk about Prince, Religion and their
upcoming record Scrape Or Die! Read more




Rob Pennington on Revisiting His Youth, the Craziest Show Ever
and the Burrito Algorithm! Read more


Here you will find a collection of links to various interviews conducted by Never Nervous. 

7/2: 1200 returns to talk about working with The Louisville Orchestra, his recent graduation, and his favorite Muppet!

6/16: Lyle Edward of Discount Guns Talks About His Band, Dirty Kroger, and His Least Favorite Zoo Animal!

6/12: Terry Harper on Music, Gambling, and His Favorite Kardashian!

5/25: BEACONS Tell Us About BLACK BOXES and the Most Disturbing Scenes in The Fly!

5/10: Scuzz Master Talks About the Future of Their Band, Other Louisville Bands, and Their Favorite Disney Princesses!

4/30: Romell Weaver AKA Rmllw2llz talks about the Inspiration Behind his Music and his Latest Album

4/24: Judson Snell of Disappearing Me talks their Music, Spinal Tap, and Not Getting the Derby!

4/15: Mike Harpring of Good Luck & Bodyhammer on Drumming, the Punk Community, and Time Travel!

4/10: Doug McCombs on Brokeback, working on new albums from Eleventh Dream Day and Tortoise, and ZZ Top!

4/9: Blind Tigers Talk About Their New Cassette, bands in Louisville, and Where They'd Take Me for a Night on the Town!

3/28: Louisa Solomon of The Shondes (Brooklyn) on Reclaiming Pejoratives, Public Image, and Being Thrown Into the Sun!

3/26: Tyler Trotter talks the Formation of Watter, Beer, and Hoverboards!

3/20: Brett Holsclaw of The Ladybirds on Music, Activism, and Community Support!

3/9: Alan Scheurman AKA Santiparro (Brooklyn)Talks About His New Record True Prayer and Why Hitting Homeruns is Important!

3/5: Allen Poe Talks Rural Rap, Being a Father, and Fist Fights!

2/27: Drew Miller on the History of Saxophones, Nick Cave and Riff Raff, and the Hardest Video Games!

2/24: Mark Evans of Holy Carp Productions Talks About the Ups and Downs of Booking and Promoting Shows For a Living

2/20: Dr. Dundiff Explains what he would bring to Forecastle, Producing, and Answers who is the Wackest Rapper!

2/6: Chris Bathgate (Ann Arbor) Talks Performing Solo, the Difficulties of Touring, and Ja Rule's Current Whereabouts and Activities!

2/5: Mike Bucayu of Kinghorse fame on Documenting Our Scene via the White Glove Test: Louisville Punk Flyers 1978-1994, the Haps on Self Destruct, and Why we Don't Have Hoverboards!

2/5: Jason Dudgeon Talks About the New Record from Plastic Bubble and His Favorite Pizza Joint in Louisville!

1/16: David Wright of Twin Sister Radio Talks About His Influences, the Anxiety of Singing Live, and His Favorite Lie Ever!

1/15: Two Houses (Chicago) Write Words About The Chicago Scene, 9AM Jäeger Bombs, and Where To Get The Best Burritos!

1/13: Black Birds of Paradise tell us about their band and more!

1/9: Brandon Butler of Six Bells on the Past, the Future, and the Post-Human Terminator Landscape!

1/6: The Point Contemplate Composition, The Worst Show Ever, and Babes in Toyland!


12/30: Brent Starkey on the Power of Punk Rock, The Smashing Pumpkins Acting Like Jerks, and Sentient Farts!

12/22: Sharon Scott talks about the future of ARTxFM and the status of Louisville's Music Community

12/11: Greg Morris on Drumming, Session Work, and Solving the Eternal Debate of Predator Vs. Iron Sheik!

12/11: Hunter Embry and Dave Chale talk about The New Vintage, Deadbird Studios, and Rocking in the Free World.

12/2: Will Roberts tells us about the latest EP from The Pass called "High Road"

11/18: Mick Sullivan talks about Tamerlane Trio, Squeeze-bot, and his favorite Highwayman!

11/14: JC Denison Talks His New Label auralgamiSOUNDS, Living in Chicago, and Music That Would Make Tipper Gore Cry!

11/13: Stage Hands' Brandon Locher on the Importance of a Good Live Show, Art Collectives, and Valuing Your Inner Voice!

11/12: Dennis Stein talks about Karass, Synthesizers, and his love of Stop-Motion Movies!

11/11: Jeffrey Smith Explains Why Do502 is Awesome, Talks Primadonnas, and Learns About the Aquaman Movie!

11/8: Tim Barnes Talks Keeping the Wheels on the Wagon at dREAMLAND, Making Art, and What Makes for a Good Show!

11/7: Ut Gret Make A Beautiful Noise, Follow Their Own Muse, and Give the Thumbs Down To Mitch McConnell!

11/6: Ted Tyro's Bart Gabs About the Origin of his Band, Owensboro, and Dark Shadows References!

10/29: We're Talkin' Horror Movie Soundtracks with the Dudes from Housebythevideostore.com!

10/22: The Fervor's Natalie Felker talks about the reissue of Bleeder and more!

1021: Dope Body's Zachary Utz on the Inherent Bro-Ness of their Name, the State of the Baltimore scene, and Eternal Ollies!

10/15: Will Allard talks about the upcoming record from XERXES and his love of Universal's Classic Monsters!

10/14: John Paul Pitts talks about Surfer Blood's upcoming show at Zanzabar (10/16) and the terror of The Descent!

10/13: SateLight talks about his upcoming mixtape and undying love of Wick's Pizza!

10/11: Helado Negro on Less is More, Working w/the Cartoon Network, and Dressing Up As Ricardo Simmons!

10/10: Philly Duo Trophy Wife Make a Righteous Noise, Love the X-Men, but Not Dick Cheney!

10/7: Nick Roberts and Josh Morris from And The Giraffe (Nashville) talk about their show at The Rud tomorrow night (10/8)

10/3: Dave Carroll aka TinyForest on His Time in Bird Zoo, His Production Work, and His Unapologetic Love of Nu-Metal!

9/25: Hunter Hunt-Hendrix talks about his band Liturgy and their upcoming show at Haymarket Whiskey Bar (9/27)!

9/24: Jaxon Swain on the Louisville Music Awards, sonaBLAST, the Ladybirds, and Wheelies!

9/8: Billy Lease talks about Graffiti and his favorite places to eat pizza in Louisville!

9/4: 1200 Talks Their Origin, Reps Philip Glass and Steve Reich, and Speaks About Jumanji!

8/29: Sir Richard Bishop On The Nature of Improv, Late 70's Arena Rock, and Boogie Boarding vs. Waterboarding!

8/28: Paul Major Takes Us On An Endless Boogie!

8/27: Tony Ash on the Origin of Dead Halos, Keith Richards Guitar Tunings, and his Eternal Quest to Beat Xevious!

8/26: Phil & Josef Medley talk about their band Adventure and their new CD Gnarly Goo

8/25: Bitchin' Bajas' Cooper Crain has the Scoop on the History of Looping, Indian Oboe Music, and his Fear of Vigo the Carpathian!

8/22: B-Rad From The Breeze Talks Love & Other Drugs, Fights, and Getting Stir Fried!

8/21: Ma Turner Plays All The Instruments, Paints All The Pictures, and Mild Rowdy On Music!

8/19: Shadowpact Gets Real About the Best Raps, the Whackest Sports, and Answers the Eternal Question of Star Trek or Star Wars!

8/15: Andy Matter Theorizes on his own Universe, the Nature of Music Criticism, and Manipulative Aliens!

8/14: Francie Moon on Music, Identity, and Punching People Who Want You To Change It!

8/13: Eric Stuart Builds Awesome Boutique Pedals, Gets Kicked Out of Church for Metal, and Ducks Out on his Ham Bill with Mark McGrath!

8/12: Chris Kincaid talks about the upcoming collaborative EP from Karass called "Order of Operations"

8/8: Dead Rider's (Chicago) Todd Rittman on Collaboration vs. Curation, and Screwed Up Faces!

8/7: Ed Lutz Freaks People Out With Words and Drinks Beers For the Warm and Fuzzies!

8/1: Brian Manley Loves Louisville Music, MASH, And Tim Burton's Batman!

7/16: Dave Rucinski gives us the skinny on Gubbey Records

7/14: Jon Mueller Keys Into Euphoric Vibes With Death Blues, but Never Nintendo!

7/11: Alex Kerns of Lemuria wants you to ask him for a secret tiny gift this Monday at Zanzabar (7/14)!

6/30: Jamie Stewart talks about Xiu Xiu's upcoming Louisville show (7/2) and more!

6/20: Cher Von on Writing Music, Her Celebrity Spirit Animal, and Immortality!

6/20: Touch AC Rolls a D20 For His Name, But Not For His Raps!

6/12: Jonathan Glenn Wood Plays in Every Band Now, Talks About the Best Food, and Good Reads!

6/11: Daniel Pujol talks about his new record KLUDGE and where to drink beer in Nashville!

6/5: Vaderbomb talks about their triumphant return to music/sports entertainment!

5/30: The Twin Limb Hive Mind Explains How To Tell Old People About Your Music, Writing Sweet Songs, and The Eternal Question of Adamantium vs. Lightsabers!

5/29: Axel Cooper talks about the new music from New Mother Nature

5/29: Heather Fox Uses Words About Kicking Out The Jams, Russian Martial Arts, and Archiving the Hell out of Louisville Music!

5/22: Lamar Kendrick talks about Supervillains, Super Flight, Super Raps, and Super Faith!

5/20: Jalin Roze talks about his latest singles and hip hop in Louisville

5/16: Bradley Coomes Writes Words The Evolution of his Band, the new Star Wars, and Booze!

5/15: Elliott Turton Gets Spiritual About Guitar Shreds, Bourbon, and Mike Judge!

5/5: Anthony Esposito clues us in on the upcoming EP from White Reaper and his love for the Spiderman soundtrack!

4/30: Skull Defekts (Sweden) guitarist Joachim Nordwall Talks About UFOs and Infinite Riffs!

4/28: Mark Abromavage Contemplates Riots at Punk Shows, Glass Blowing, and Imaginary Shreds w/Tony Iommi!

4/25: Nick Sturtzel is a Digital Baller Probably From the Future!

4/17: Dahm Majuri Cipolla talks about the new record from Phantom Family Halo.

4/9: Nicholas Smith talks about Great Floods and some of his favorite bands in Louisville

4/8: Andrew Sellers talks about what's happenin' with Rinehart.

4/4: Koen Holtkamp (Chicago) talks about Effects Pedals, His Love of Film, and Hatred of Microwaves!

3/25: Molly Sullivan (Cincinnati) Explains The World (and also why you should go see her play)!

2/28/2014: Chris Higdon Explains Why You Should Go See Frontier(s), Lehnen, and Seasons at Sea Tomorrow (Spoiler Alert: Awesome Bands and Special Beer Taps)!

2/27/2014: Thaniel Ion Lee Uses Words About Art and Music!

2/26/2014: Carrie Neumayer Returns to spread the word about the Louisville Outskirts Festival!

1/30/2014: Shilpa Ray (New York) talks about her upcoming Louisville shows (2/3) and her love of fried chicken!

1/24/2014: Will Roberts tells us what's happenin' with The Pass!

12/20/2014: Priests (Washington D.C.) talks about their show at Modern Cult this Tuesday (1/21)

12/18/2014: Perfect Pussy (Syracuse) frontwoman Meredith Graves talks to us about this Monday's show at Nachbar!

1/20/2014: Jeffrey Lee Puckett talks about all kinds of music and his steadfast hatred of "foodies"


12/17/2013: Sydney Chadwick gives us the skinny on The Debauchees.

12/13/2013: Doug Maxson explains why he was Never So Nervous!

11/26/2013: Bradley Coomes Uses Words About Playing Bass in XOX, Being A New Dad, and Sadness Over the Loss of Lou Reed and Breaking Bad!

11/21/2013: Sam Benanti talks about his band Mote and where he likes to drink beer in Louisville!

11/14/2013: Bryan Puckett Tells Us About The Origins of Little Heart Records, His Thoughts On The Ending Of Breaking Bad, And His Complete Disinterest In Captain Planet!

10/22/2013: Sean Liter talks about what's up with Modern Cult Records.

10/18/2013: Duncan Barlow Uses Words About Scene Unity, Making Music, and Writing Books!

10/15/2013: Travis Searle talks about what Guestroom Records is all about.

10/11/2013: Nate Smallwood Tells Us About Warr Guitars, His Many Bands, and Beating the IRS the Noise Pollution Way!

9/27/2013: Paul Watkins and The Magic Carpet Ride Through Space-Time OR The Origin Story of Fast Friends + Words About Musics/Nerd Stuff!

9/25/2013: mAAs Talks About Riding Bikes and Writing Music!

9/2/2013: Mike Clifford clues us in on his new band Cousins.

8/26/2013: David Grubbs Teaches Us About Books, Writing, And Music!

8/23/2013: Daniel Duncan Is Serious About Having Fun and Creating An Environment For Good Times (And Beer and Chocolate and Music and Wine and...)!

8/13/2013: Terri Whitehouse Uses Words About Punk Rock, Theft, and Beer!

8/9/2013: Evan Patterson Types Words About The Logistics of Music, The Joys of Travel, and Writing!

8/5/2013: Filthy Rich Talks Local Hip-Hop, Crime Dramas, and Spicy Recipes!

7/30/2013: Jonathon Wood sheds a few details about the upcoming record from Old Baby

7/12/2013: The many ways in which Adam Colvin loves food and metal!

7/8/2013: James Miller talks about Media Criticism, Teaching, and Robots!

7/6/2013: Chris Owens talks about his relocation to Los Angeles

6/25/2013: "Dirty" Dave Johnson talks about his new band The Decline Effect.

6/17/2013: Scott Carney talks about Wax Fang's videos and Naked Space Parties!

6/12/2013: Johny Walker Keeps It Real About The Louisville Stigmatorium, Punk Rock, and B-Horror Movies!

6/6/2013: Trip Barriger on Justin Timberlake, Movie Making, and Engineering Music (Not Trains)!

5/31/2013: Sean Garrison writes words about his Music, Art, and Swords!

5/21/2013: Sean Gardner of Twenty First Century Fox and Neighbor writes words about Music and Time Travel!

5/11/2013: Matt Haas talks about Nixon and Creating Comic Books!

5/8/2013: Chicago's Implodes write things about their influences and their past!

5/6/2013: Justin Kamerer uses words about Art and Music!

5/5/2013: William Benton talks about his move to New York and his love for Christopher Lee

4/26/2013: Jeff Komara talks about Drums, Multiple Band Membership, and his connection to Fieldy from Korn!

4/15/2013: White Reaper use words about Music, Art, and the righteousness of Halloween.

4/6/2013: Joel Hunt talks about Louisville, bands, and Louisville bands.

3/24/2013: Daisy Caplan talks about what's up with Foxy Shazam and more.

2/12/2013: Bryan Volz talks about LouisvilleHardcore.com.

1/26/2013: Dan Davis talks about what's going on with Gangly Youth.


11/30/2012: Duncan Cherry Is In Every Band Including Yours!

11/16/2012: Zach Johnstone types words about philosophy and amps!

10/15/2012: Jeremy Devine discusses Temporary Residence 's relationship to Louisville.

9/28/2012: Tony Ash talks about the Trophy Wives (and teaches you to make love).

9/22/2012: Corey Lyons talks about Millions (Chicago) and food!

9/18/2012: Sean Roberts talks about his new band Asm A Tik and the future of Straight A's.

6/22/2012: Matt Anthony fills us in on his new record shop and talks about the abrupt closing of ear X-tacy.

6/3/2012: Rob Pennington talks about the status of Black God, By the Grace of God, and Endpoint.

5/18/2012: Jim Marlowe talks about Tropical Trash and his new record store Astro Black Records

4/15/2012: Carrie Neumayer tells me about her new all-girl band Julie of the Wolves and gives an update on the status of Second Story Man.

3/28/2012: David Cundiff talks about his new band Madame Machine, his old band Lucky Pineapple, and more.

3/21/2012: Mark Kramer talks about the new Tender Mercy album, the demise of ear X-tacy and his current favorite bands currently in Louisville.

3/7/2012: Syd Bishop gives updates regarding the future of Lee Van Cleef, Siberia, and his ever changing taste in beer.


10/25/2011: Ryan Davis describes his juggling act of fronting State Champion, running Sophomore Lounge, and being the man behind the Cropped Out festival.

9/22/2011: Nick Dittmeier talks about the future of Slithering Beast.

9/14/2011: Doug Walker talks about the reforming of Nixon and what the future holds for the band.
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