Here you will find a collection of links to various interviews conducted by Never Nervous. 

2/6: Chris Bathgate Talks Performing Solo, the Difficulties of Touring, and Ja Rule's Current Whereabouts and Activities!

2/5: Mike Bucayu of Kinghorse fame on Documenting Our Scene via the White Glove Test: Louisville Punk Flyers 1978-1994, the Haps on Self Destruct, and Why we Don't Have Hoverboards!

2/5: Jason Dudgeon Talks About the New Record from Plastic Bubble and His Favorite Pizza Joint in Louisville!

1/16: David Wright of Twin Sister Radio Talks About His Influences, the Anxiety of Singing Live, and His Favorite Lie Ever!

1/15: Two Houses (Chicago) Write Words About The Chicago Scene, 9AM Jäeger Bombs, and Where To Get The Best Burritos!

1/13: Black Birds of Paradise tell us about their band and more!

1/9: Brandon Butler of Six Bells on the Past, the Future, and the Post-Human Terminator Landscape!

1/6: The Point Contemplate Composition, The Worst Show Ever, and Babes in Toyland!


12/30: Brent Starkey on the Power of Punk Rock, The Smashing Pumpkins Acting Like Jerks, and Sentient Farts!

12/22: Sharon Scott talks about the future of ARTxFM and the status of Louisville's Music Community

12/11: Greg Morris on Drumming, Session Work, and Solving the Eternal Debate of Predator Vs. Iron Sheik!

12/11: Hunter Embry and Dave Chale talk about The New Vintage, Deadbird Studios, and Rocking in the Free World.

12/2: Will Roberts tells us about the latest EP from The Pass called "High Road"

11/18: Mick Sullivan talks about Tamerlane Trio, Squeeze-bot, and his favorite Highwayman!

11/14: JC Denison Talks His New Label auralgamiSOUNDS, Living in Chicago, and Music That Would Make Tipper Gore Cry!

11/13: Stage Hands' Brandon Locher on the Importance of a Good Live Show, Art Collectives, and Valuing Your Inner Voice!

11/12: Dennis Stein talks about Karass, Synthesizers, and his love of Stop-Motion Movies!

11/11: Jeffrey Smith Explains Why Do502 is Awesome, Talks Primadonnas, and Learns About the Aquaman Movie!

11/8: Tim Barnes Talks Keeping the Wheels on the Wagon at dREAMLAND, Making Art, and What Makes for a Good Show!

11/7: Ut Gret Make A Beautiful Noise, Follow Their Own Muse, and Give the Thumbs Down To Mitch McConnell!

11/6: Ted Tyro's Bart Gabs About the Origin of his Band, Owensboro, and Dark Shadows References!

10/29: We're Talkin' Horror Movie Soundtracks with the Dudes from!

10/22: The Fervor's Natalie Felker talks about the reissue of Bleeder and more!

1021: Dope Body's Zachary Utz on the Inherent Bro-Ness of their Name, the State of the Baltimore scene, and Eternal Ollies!

10/15: Will Allard talks about the upcoming record from XERXES and his love of Universal's Classic Monsters!

10/14: John Paul Pitts talks about Surfer Blood's upcoming show at Zanzabar (10/16) and the terror of The Descent!

10/13: SateLight talks about his upcoming mixtape and undying love of Wick's Pizza!

10/11: Helado Negro on Less is More, Working w/the Cartoon Network, and Dressing Up As Ricardo Simmons!

10/10: Philly Duo Trophy Wife Make a Righteous Noise, Love the X-Men, but Not Dick Cheney!

10/7: Nick Roberts and Josh Morris from And The Giraffe (Nashville) talk about their show at The Rud tomorrow night (10/8)

10/3: Dave Carroll aka TinyForest on His Time in Bird Zoo, His Production Work, and His Unapologetic Love of Nu-Metal!

9/25: Hunter Hunt-Hendrix talks about his band Liturgy and their upcoming show at Haymarket Whiskey Bar (9/27)!

9/24: Jaxon Swain on the Louisville Music Awards, sonaBLAST, the Ladybirds, and Wheelies!

9/8: Billy Lease talks about Graffiti and his favorite places to eat pizza in Louisville!

9/4: 1200 Talks Their Origin, Reps Philip Glass and Steve Reich, and Speaks About Jumanji!

8/29: Sir Richard Bishop On The Nature of Improv, Late 70's Arena Rock, and Boogie Boarding vs. Waterboarding!

8/28: Paul Major Takes Us On An Endless Boogie!

8/27: Tony Ash on the Origin of Dead Halos, Keith Richards Guitar Tunings, and his Eternal Quest to Beat Xevious!

8/26: Phil & Josef Medley talk about their band Adventure and their new CD Gnarly Goo

8/25: Bitchin' Bajas' Cooper Crain has the Scoop on the History of Looping, Indian Oboe Music, and his Fear of Vigo the Carpathian!

8/22: B-Rad From The Breeze Talks Love & Other Drugs, Fights, and Getting Stir Fried!

8/21: Ma Turner Plays All The Instruments, Paints All The Pictures, and Mild Rowdy On Music!

8/19: Shadowpact Gets Real About the Best Raps, the Whackest Sports, and Answers the Eternal Question of Star Trek or Star Wars!

8/15: Andy Matter Theorizes on his own Universe, the Nature of Music Criticism, and Manipulative Aliens!

8/14: Francie Moon on Music, Identity, and Punching People Who Want You To Change It!

8/13: Eric Stuart Builds Awesome Boutique Pedals, Gets Kicked Out of Church for Metal, and Ducks Out on his Ham Bill with Mark McGrath!

8/12: Chris Kincaid talks about the upcoming collaborative EP from Karass called "Order of Operations"

8/8: Dead Rider's (Chicago) Todd Rittman on Collaboration vs. Curation, and Screwed Up Faces!

8/7: Ed Lutz Freaks People Out With Words and Drinks Beers For the Warm and Fuzzies!

8/1: Brian Manley Loves Louisville Music, MASH, And Tim Burton's Batman!

7/16: Dave Rucinski gives us the skinny on Gubbey Records

7/14: Jon Mueller Keys Into Euphoric Vibes With Death Blues, but Never Nintendo!

7/11: Alex Kerns of Lemuria wants you to ask him for a secret tiny gift this Monday at Zanzabar (7/14)!

6/30: Jamie Stewart talks about Xiu Xiu's upcoming Louisville show (7/2) and more!

6/20: Cher Von on Writing Music, Her Celebrity Spirit Animal, and Immortality!

6/20: Touch AC Rolls a D20 For His Name, But Not For His Raps!

6/12: Jonathan Glenn Wood Plays in Every Band Now, Talks About the Best Food, and Good Reads!

6/11: Daniel Pujol talks about his new record KLUDGE and where to drink beer in Nashville!

6/5: Vaderbomb talks about their triumphant return to music/sports entertainment!

5/30: The Twin Limb Hive Mind Explains How To Tell Old People About Your Music, Writing Sweet Songs, and The Eternal Question of Adamantium vs. Lightsabers!

5/29: Axel Cooper talks about the new music from New Mother Nature

5/29: Heather Fox Uses Words About Kicking Out The Jams, Russian Martial Arts, and Archiving the Hell out of Louisville Music!

5/22: Lamar Kendrick talks about Supervillains, Super Flight, Super Raps, and Super Faith!

5/20: Jalin Roze talks about his latest singles and hip hop in Louisville

5/16: Bradley Coomes Writes Words The Evolution of his Band, the new Star Wars, and Booze!

5/15: Elliott Turton Gets Spiritual About Guitar Shreds, Bourbon, and Mike Judge!

5/5: Anthony Esposito clues us in on the upcoming EP from White Reaper and his love for the Spiderman soundtrack!

4/30: Skull Defekts (Sweden) guitarist Joachim Nordwall Talks About UFOs and Infinite Riffs!

4/28: Mark Abromavage Contemplates Riots at Punk Shows, Glass Blowing, and Imaginary Shreds w/Tony Iommi!

4/25: Nick Sturtzel is a Digital Baller Probably From the Future!

4/17: Dahm Majuri Cipolla talks about the new record from Phantom Family Halo.

4/9: Nicholas Smith talks about Great Floods and some of his favorite bands in Louisville

4/8: Andrew Sellers talks about what's happenin' with Rinehart.

4/4: Koen Holtkamp (Chicago) talks about Effects Pedals, His Love of Film, and Hatred of Microwaves!

3/25: Molly Sullivan (Cincinnati) Explains The World (and also why you should go see her play)!

2/28/2014: Chris Higdon Explains Why You Should Go See Frontier(s), Lehnen, and Seasons at Sea Tomorrow (Spoiler Alert: Awesome Bands and Special Beer Taps)!

2/27/2014: Thaniel Ion Lee Uses Words About Art and Music!

2/26/2014: Carrie Neumayer Returns to spread the word about the Louisville Outskirts Festival!

1/30/2014: Shilpa Ray (New York) talks about her upcoming Louisville shows (2/3) and her love of fried chicken!

1/24/2014: Will Roberts tells us what's happenin' with The Pass!

12/20/2014: Priests (Washington D.C.) talks about their show at Modern Cult this Tuesday (1/21)

12/18/2014: Perfect Pussy (Syracuse) frontwoman Meredith Graves talks to us about this Monday's show at Nachbar!

1/20/2014: Jeffrey Lee Puckett talks about all kinds of music and his steadfast hatred of "foodies"


12/17/2013: Sydney Chadwick gives us the skinny on The Debauchees.

12/13/2013: Doug Maxson explains why he was Never So Nervous!

11/26/2013: Bradley Coomes Uses Words About Playing Bass in XOX, Being A New Dad, and Sadness Over the Loss of Lou Reed and Breaking Bad!

11/21/2013: Sam Benanti talks about his band Mote and where he likes to drink beer in Louisville!

11/14/2013: Bryan Puckett Tells Us About The Origins of Little Heart Records, His Thoughts On The Ending Of Breaking Bad, And His Complete Disinterest In Captain Planet!

10/22/2013: Sean Liter talks about what's up with Modern Cult Records.

10/18/2013: Duncan Barlow Uses Words About Scene Unity, Making Music, and Writing Books!

10/15/2013: Travis Searle talks about what Guestroom Records is all about.

10/11/2013: Nate Smallwood Tells Us About Warr Guitars, His Many Bands, and Beating the IRS the Noise Pollution Way!

9/27/2013: Paul Watkins and The Magic Carpet Ride Through Space-Time OR The Origin Story of Fast Friends + Words About Musics/Nerd Stuff!

9/25/2013: mAAs Talks About Riding Bikes and Writing Music!

9/2/2013: Mike Clifford clues us in on his new band Cousins.

8/26/2013: David Grubbs Teaches Us About Books, Writing, And Music!

8/23/2013: Daniel Duncan Is Serious About Having Fun and Creating An Environment For Good Times (And Beer and Chocolate and Music and Wine and...)!

8/13/2013: Terri Whitehouse Uses Words About Punk Rock, Theft, and Beer!

8/9/2013: Evan Patterson Types Words About The Logistics of Music, The Joys of Travel, and Writing!

8/5/2013: Filthy Rich Talks Local Hip-Hop, Crime Dramas, and Spicy Recipes!

7/30/2013: Jonathon Wood sheds a few details about the upcoming record from Old Baby

7/12/2013: The many ways in which Adam Colvin loves food and metal!

7/8/2013: James Miller talks about Media Criticism, Teaching, and Robots!

7/6/2013: Chris Owens talks about his relocation to Los Angeles

6/25/2013: "Dirty" Dave Johnson talks about his new band The Decline Effect.

6/17/2013: Scott Carney talks about Wax Fang's videos and Naked Space Parties!

6/12/2013: Johny Walker Keeps It Real About The Louisville Stigmatorium, Punk Rock, and B-Horror Movies!

6/6/2013: Trip Barriger on Justin Timberlake, Movie Making, and Engineering Music (Not Trains)!

5/31/2013: Sean Garrison writes words about his Music, Art, and Swords!

5/21/2013: Sean Gardner of Twenty First Century Fox and Neighbor writes words about Music and Time Travel!

5/11/2013: Matt Haas talks about Nixon and Creating Comic Books!

5/8/2013: Chicago's Implodes write things about their influences and their past!

5/6/2013: Justin Kamerer uses words about Art and Music!

5/5/2013: William Benton talks about his move to New York and his love for Christopher Lee

4/26/2013: Jeff Komara talks about Drums, Multiple Band Membership, and his connection to Fieldy from Korn!

4/15/2013: White Reaper use words about Music, Art, and the righteousness of Halloween.

4/6/2013: Joel Hunt talks about Louisville, bands, and Louisville bands.

3/24/2013: Daisy Caplan talks about what's up with Foxy Shazam and more.

2/12/2013: Bryan Volz talks about

1/26/2013: Dan Davis talks about what's going on with Gangly Youth.


11/30/2012: Duncan Cherry Is In Every Band Including Yours!

11/16/2012: Zach Johnstone types words about philosophy and amps!

10/15/2012: Jeremy Devine discusses Temporary Residence 's relationship to Louisville.

9/28/2012: Tony Ash talks about the Trophy Wives (and teaches you to make love).

9/22/2012: Corey Lyons talks about Millions (Chicago) and food!

9/18/2012: Sean Roberts talks about his new band Asm A Tik and the future of Straight A's.

6/22/2012: Matt Anthony fills us in on his new record shop and talks about the abrupt closing of ear X-tacy.

6/3/2012: Rob Pennington talks about the status of Black God, By the Grace of God, and Endpoint.

5/18/2012: Jim Marlowe talks about Tropical Trash and his new record store Astro Black Records

4/15/2012: Carrie Neumayer tells me about her new all-girl band Julie of the Wolves and gives an update on the status of Second Story Man.

3/28/2012: David Cundiff talks about his new band Madame Machine, his old band Lucky Pineapple, and more.

3/21/2012: Mark Kramer talks about the new Tender Mercy album, the demise of ear X-tacy and his current favorite bands currently in Louisville.

3/7/2012: Syd Bishop gives updates regarding the future of Lee Van Cleef, Siberia, and his ever changing taste in beer.


10/25/2011: Ryan Davis describes his juggling act of fronting State Champion, running Sophomore Lounge, and being the man behind the Cropped Out festival.

9/22/2011: Nick Dittmeier talks about the future of Slithering Beast.

9/14/2011: Doug Walker talks about the reforming of Nixon and what the future holds for the band.
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