Thanks for stopping by to join us here at Never Nervous. Formed in the halcyon days of 2011, Never Nervous is the brainchild of local wizard Phillip Olympia, a sports nerd and beer enthusiast, who loves Louisville music about as much as Louisville sports. Over time Phil brought in Syd Bishop, a local writer, musician, and lover of comic books as a contributor and more recently Jake Hellman, who currently resides in Cincinnati. These three heroes write about all things Louisville and Louisville-centric, as those things intersect with Louisville music. The blog is updated on a regular basis and includes but is not limited to band interviews, music reviews, news articles, and the occasional editorial. Check out a few featured posts on the right side of your screen, but don’t hesitate to read through our archives.

Get to know the Never Nervous staff by reading a few short bios below:


Phillip (or “Phil” as most call him) has been involved in one way or another with Louisville’s music community since the late 1990’s. In the past he’s played drums in bands such as The Greenwich Tragedy and Khali Ma’at, played guitar and sang in The Olympia Three and ran Dunkenstein Records (which is currently on hiatus).  While not spending way too much money on records and retro video games, he enjoys spending time tasting beers of all flavors and watching huge amounts of basketball and football.

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Desert Island Picks:
John Frusciante – To Record Only Water For Ten Days
Tortoise – TNT
Young Widows – Old Wounds
Talking Heads – Speaking In Tongues
Minutemen – Double Nickels On The Dime


Syd Bishop is many things: the Senior Co-Editor and Synergy Manager at Never Nervous; a freelance writer who contributes and has contributed to the LEO, Al Día en America, the Courier Journal, and NPR; a world-class musician who has performed with bands like City of Ghosts, Lee Van Cleef, or Visiting Nurse; a father, a husband, a brother, a friend; the world’s most handsome hobbit; a national treasure and American hero; and a legend in the submarine community. You may recognize Syd Bishop for single handedly stopping the Mecha-Bear Attack of 2010, using only the power of karate and lasers, or for his award winning plastic fruit sculptures.

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Desert Island Picks:
Dalek – Abandoned Language
Shellac – At Action Park
Radiohead – Kid A
The For Carnation – Complete Works
Crain – Heater


Jake Hellman has played in various Louisville bands throughout the years including Slithering Beast, Cabin, Arafel, and The Olympia Three and currently plays bass in Quiet Hollers. He looks forward to being a positive contributor to the Louisville music scene for a long time to come.

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Desert Island Picks:
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blood Sugar Sex Magik
John Prine – Sweet Revenge
My Morning Jacket – Z
By the Grace of God – For the Love of Indie Rock
Jay-Z – The Blueprint


Allen Poe is the executive chat room moderator at Christianmingle.com. He sings rap music and shoots/edit rap music videos for himself and others. He has a liberal arts degree in unintentionally stunting on flaw boys. A man of few meaningful words, he primarily communicates via carrier pigeon, music blogs and Twitter.

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Desert Island Picks:
Maxwell – Urban Hang
Sade – Greatest Hits
J Dilla – Donuts
Madvillain – Madvillainy
Nas – Illmatic


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