LISTEN: meanmotorscooter- “Xmas 99 (Never Fade Away)”

As someone who consumes as much Christmas-themed music in the month of December as humanly possible, any and all celebratory holiday tunes are welcome. Call me corny or sentimental, but I can’t help myself from soaking these tunes up like Clark Griswold. I especially enjoy diverting my attention toward these sorts of songs from bands/artists from Louisville, case in point the latest from meanmotorscooter. His latest single, titled “Xmas 99 (Never Fade Away)”, an upbeat diddy full of warming cheer and good vibes led by a high pitched falsetto and a plucking acoustic guitar riff that’s sure to put a little more spice in your egg nog.

What’s the song about? I asked Tyrel Kessinger, the man behind meanmotorscooter and he said “I set out to make my first X-mas song and wanted it to be kind of about how Christmas is built up in our heads from youth and while it’s still ‘magical’ it’s not quite the same anymore and that Christmas is supposed to be something special, but at what cost? I don’t know.” Who can’t relate to that?

Listen to “Xmas 99 (Never Fade Away)” below via Soundcloud: