LISTEN: Our 5 favorite songs from The Annual Christmas Album Band!

There’s a Christmas tradition in Louisville that not enough people know about. Usually, by the time a tradition hits 5-7 years it either starts to catch on or fade away. That’s not the case with The Annual Christmas Album Band, the annual holiday endeavor put together by Winger Brothers frontman Jordan Humbert. He and his recruited band are just here, and they’re here every year whether you care or not. 2018 is going to be the 12th year that this rotating group of artists have written an entire album just for the sake of spreading Christmas cheer. Did I mention that most of these albums are themed? Yea, the themes don’t usually make that much sense, but who cares? It’s good old fashioned fun. 

Since Christmas is just around the corner and another Annual Christmas Album Band album is surely on the way, I thought I would share with the world 5 of my favorite tracks from their catalogue. So here goes nothing. 

“Help Me God There’s a Baby in the Alley”
This track is from the album “Christmas on the High Seas.” It’s a Christmas album themed with pirate songs.  There’s no music on this. It’s just a drunken pirate chant, complete with bottles knocking around and people stomping their feet. I mostly just love the idea of somebody screaming “help me god” because they found baby Jesus in an alley. 

“Oh It’s Good to be a Squirrel”
This is from the album “Squirrel Soup.” From what I understand this is a squirrel themed Christmas album. This song in particular is about how chill it is to be a squirrel celebrating Christmas in his tree. This is high concept entertainment. 

“Black Coffee”
This song is from the album “Coffee Christmas.” Essentially we’re talking about drinking black coffee here. Sometimes you drink it on Christmas day. It’s a catchy song and I love me some black coffee. Bonus points here for rhyming “Have to go pee” with “Black Coffee.” 

“Santa Fell Asleep on the Sofa”
This is a catchy little number about Santa falling asleep on his sofa and not waking up to deliver the presents. I know that’s sad, but the song has a beautiful Christmas-esque melody.

“Let’s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian”
From the album “Christmas is a Beach,” we get this excellent John Prine cover. Come to think of it, I’m not really sure this has anything to do with Christmas, except that Christmas is a real bitch… I mean beach. This is one of my favorite Prine songs just for the line, “Lay your coconut on my tiki.”


Aloha and Merry Christmas to all you Never Nervous fools!