MUSIC VIDEO: Jr. – “Do You Know?” (Feat. BRXTN)

I’ll be the first to admit that I can’t keep up with everything that is happening in music. I wish I could, but damn dude, I have a life. That being said, Jr.‘s video for the track “Do You Know?” popped up in my timeline recently and it deserves some love. Aside from the fact that he’s from Louisville, I know nothing about Jr. or who produced this track.I have heard BRXTN before — I loved his 2016 album For Now, so naturally that’s how I was drawn to this song/video.

Both emcees spit hard on this track, but honestly, the beat goes so hard I could have recorded a pug snoring over top of it and made a dope video. Let this be a message to all you hip hop artists out there, find these dope tracks to spit on. If you can’t find them, learn to make them yourself. For now, turn this video up to 11 and bop.

Watch the video below.