LISTEN: Tree Hollow – “Attic of Bones” featuring Lacey Guthrie & Kevin Ratterman

Indie rock band Tree Hollow is fronted by singer songwriter Phil Ling who lives in Johnson City, Tennessee. Normally we wouldn’t be writing about a Johnson City artist on Never Nervous, but we feel compelled to because the band’s latest single (and record) features both Lacey Guthrie and Kevin Ratterman of Twin Limb in large music and production roles. “Attic of Bones” was also recorded at La La Land right here in Louisville. As if all of that wasn’t enough to strike our fancy, the song is an enjoyable and soothing folk experience.

So what does it sound like? It sounds like walking through the woods, alone in the snow. It features the signature reverb that Ratterman has mastered in his production. Singer, Phil Ling, has a wonderfully relaxing and breathy voice, but it’s taken to the next level when Guthrie comes in with him half way through the track. “Attic of Bones” is masterfully done and in for some reason it just feels like the warm fire I want to sit next to today. 

Check out “Attic of Bones” on Spotify below.