REVIEW: Divine Lovers – “Slack-Jawed Boy” EP

Divine Lovers
Slack-Jawed Boy EP

With seasonal depression affecting nearly everyone I associate with, I can’t think of a better time to listen to some apathetic slacker-rock. I’ve recently found myself leaving the house and, no matter where I end up, looking around in disgust at everything I see. This time of year is just exhausting. Plus it’s cold as fuck. When you’re trying to get through these times you often have to lie to yourself. That’s where the genius of this Divine Lovers debut lives. Those days when you wake up and sarcastically say to yourself, “today’s going to be great.” 

Slack-Jawed Boy, the debut EP of the solo project from Cadillac Young (Comforter, Pleasures of the Flesh), is a sarcastic and apathetic look at everyday life. Songs like “All good,” “I Just Wanna Have Fun,” and “I’m Kinda Bummed” are anthems of indifference. It’s like listening to an album written by Zoloft when Cadillac croons, “I’m slightly bummed, but I’ll be fine.” Sometimes that’s all you can say. 

Divine Lovers are reminiscent of the great slacker-rock and alt-rock of the 90’s like Dinosaur Jr and Guided By Voices. It also fits into the current shoegaze phenomenon that the younger generation seems to be obsessed with. It’s smooth and doesn’t ask too much of the listener, which allows one to become absorbed by the energy of both the music and lyrics. Sit on your couch, light one up, and zone out. 

Check out the debut EP Slack-Jawed Boy from Divine Lovers on Spotify below.