REVIEW: Daniel Neel – “Transylvania”

Daniel Neel

What if Simon Belmont hopped in a Delorean, time traveled to 2018, and was then given a synthesizer and a drum machine? You might get something like the latest from Daniel Neel. Aptly titled Transylvania, his latest effort is a foray into gothic electronica that maintains a classical approach that sounds like it could be used as a soundtrack to “Robo-Dracula”, a Hammer horror film I just made up.

While I enjoy the immortal compositions from the likes of Mozart, Vivaldi and Chopin, I am absolutely not an aficionado of the legendary and timeless classical music from days of yore. Having said that, every track on this album sounds expertly put together in terms of execution and arrangement. Adding to that, what gives each of these tunes their own spooky identity might be the gritty, abrasive digital drum tracks that pound and pulsate from start to finish.

I don’t know if Daniel Neel is actually playing the synthesized harpsichord notes or if is all plugged in to some Apple program that does all of the heavy lifting for him. Either way, it’s hard not to enjoy this record as a fan of horror cinema and classical music, not to mention as a lover of creepy digital metal. Without a doubt, like-minded people will get a kick out this album.

Listen to Transylvania below via Bandcamp — the album is also streaming on Spotify.