LISTEN: Home Unknown curated a cool Louisville-centric Playlist!

If you have followed Never Nervous for any amount of time, then nobody needs to tell you that Louisville has an amazing music scene. As someone who has been to nearly every major city in the United States, I can tell you that what we have is incredibly unique. While we may be hyper-aware of that here, other cities aren’t really sure of what we’re talking about outside of My Morning Jacket or Bryson Tiller. That’s part of the reason why the people at Home Unknown has decided to create monthly curated playlists for major cities and Louisville is their latest. 

When asked about the concept, founder Ricardo D said, “The purpose is to show fans of local music what’s happening in other cities. Sometimes when you’re involved in a local music scene, be it as a band or whatever, it can feel like you’re on an island. Hopefully this will help create a bridge between the local scenes of different cities and help connect artists.”

So if you’re an artist looking for bands to play with in other cities, it’s not a bad idea to check out first as a way to sift through the madness that can be a music scene. For now though, bask in the glory that is the Louisville playlist here or go to It features Never Nervous favorites like Wombo, GRLwood, Mosquito, Anemic Royalty, and Comforter, as well as our own band Prayer Line