REVIEW: Barrel & Biscuit – “Tooth & Nail” EP

Barrel & Biscuit
Tooth & Nail EP

Genre mixing isn’t a new concept in 2018. It’s hard to find music that isn’t a conglomeration of varied influences honestly. So how do you stand out? If I had the answer to that, I wouldn’t be working for Never Nervous. However, I can tell you that Barrel & Biscuit’s first EP Tooth & Nail absolutely stands out, but standing out wouldn’t matter so much if Tooth & Nail wasn’t also full of hot tracks.

In case you missed our debut of their first single last week, Barrel & Biscuit consist of local hip hop legend Rmllw2llz and singer/rapper/musician Kendall Elijah Dynamite. The mix of the two together is like something we’ve never heard before — Kendall has a major blues influence that is evident in his guitar playing, but his voice and approach to singing falls somewhere between Kid Cudi and Percy Sledge. Meanwhile Rmllw2llz lyrically slays every track he’s on as usual. 

The track “A Little More Love” is basically a Rmllw2llz track that features his signature classic sound. Kendall takes him to the next level with his catchy beat and his moaning hook that could totally be Kid Cudi if his voice were in a higher register. “Under The Moon Again” is a chance where they both get to shine to their full potential. Kendall’s way of flowing in and out of melodies feels almost like it’s improv except for his killer harmonies, while Rmllw2llz rapping over a 3/4 time signature is absolute money. 

As a first EP, Tooth & Nail is a brave first step into some unknown territory that’s as raw as it is soulful. Listen below.