LISTEN: Path – “UGLY” featuring Trapkingkai

The new single from Path works on several many levels — first and foremost, it’s a fuckin’ banger from head to toe. The beat is tripped out and heavy as shit with a disorienting sci-fi vibe that I really, really dig. I don’t know who produced this trance-inducing rhythm, but kudos for creating a beat that is sure to have Leonard Nimoy gyrating and fist pumping in Vulcan heaven. As an emcee that I’m not overly familiar with, Path delivers the goods lyrically with an Enterprise-sized load of clever, braggadocios rhymes and ferocious, raspy delivery to each line. Guest starring on this episode is Trapkingkai, an emcee I know a bit more about. As usual, his phasers are set to KILL with a short and sweet verse that he effectively delivers on a dime.

Perhaps the only negative I can point to with “Ugly” is the fact that it’s apparently only available on Soundcloud, my absolute least favorite streaming platform. I don’t know why people still insist on using this dreaded website to exclusively host their music — I’m sure there are legit reasons, but I don’t care, and I don’t want to hear them. In a perfect world, all of my favorite songs would be on my precious Spotify, but as Chief Wiggum famously said, “Where’s your messiah now?”

Listen to “Ugly” below.