REVIEW: Feast BBQ gives us one more good reason to hang out in J-Town!

Over the last several years, Feast has proven itself to be downtown Louisville’s go-to spot for barbecue — shit, it might be the entire city’s favorite place to get a tray of pulled pork and an adult beverage. As much as I personally have enjoyed every visit, as someone that resides in the Hikes Point area, I don’t go downtown as much as I used to when I lived in the Frankfort Avenue area or the Highlands, and therefore I don’t go nearly as much as I’d like. Lyft rides can get expensive when heading downtown (I like to drink!), so I often overlook most of what that part of the city has to offer.

As I’ve drifted away from downtown, I’ve found myself spending more and more time in Jeffersontown, and it’s not hard to explain why — Recbar fucking rules with their arcades and bar food, 3rd Turn brewery has some of the best beer in town, Mac’s Dough House‘s interesting takes on pizza are always fun. Most recently, the fine folks at Feast BBQ have opened up a second location in the J-town area adding yet another solid reason to venture up Taylorsville Road into a neighborhood that I used to never even consider years ago.

My wife and I made our maiden voyage to the new Feast location (10318 Taylorsville Road) on a Tuesday afternoon for a late lunch and a beer. We were quickly greeted by a friendly host that immediately noticed our Halloween III shirts (we didn’t mean to wear them on the same day, I swear!). I ordered a shot and a beer, then found my way to an open table inside (there was plenty of outdoor seating as well).

The lunch crowd was busier than I’d anticipated which made for more of a good-time atmosphere, similar to what you’d expect in the downtown location. The inside of this old garage-converted restaurant was blanketed with copious amounts of natural light shooting through the extra large garage door windows. The inside of this place looks great, furnished with kitschy antique signs and decorations surrounding a bunch of welcoming wooden tables.

To get the party started, I ordered the tater tots (pictured above and below). I understand that over the last few years, dressing up tater tots has become an almost expected menu item most bars/restaurants, so I was curious to see what Feast’s iteration would consist of. Their version was unlike anything I’d had before — the golden crispy tots were topped with a chopped cole slaw and a tangy BBQ sauce and green onion. It should be mentioned that this serving is pretty damned huge; take a look:

Of course my main course was the pulled pork sandwich which was served on a heavenly soft bun; for my side, I chose macaroni & cheese. The pork was as good as expected with a flavorful tenderness that I naturally decided to top off with the spicy barbecue option that was on the table. Admittedly, there’s nothing earth-shattering about Feast’s barbecue, but as it has been consistently good at their downtown spot, the quality was the same in J-town. I woofed it down quickly, then finished my beer, and headed out full with a remarkable afternoon beer buzz.

I don’t think it’s unfair to say that BBQ joints are a dime a dozen these days. Aside from some general prepping procedures, there isn’t THAT much that goes into smoking meat. If I’m wrong, please correct me. Having said that, what makes places like Feast (both locations) so magnetizing is a puree of great customer service, delicious sides, a fun, welcoming atmosphere and an always fantastic beer & spirits menu. As a fan of everything these folks do, I’m elated that I can now enjoy everything they have to offer closer to my house. While I recommend both locations, I will certainly frequent the new garage-turned-feeding post in J-Town as it’s not only closer to my house, but I also enjoy the atmosphere a tad more. Hope to see ya there sometime!