MUSIC VIDEO: Rabbit On Acid releases Rick and Morty inspired dubstep remix

Mr. Meeseeks is one of the more relatable characters from the incredibly popular Adult Swim cartoon Rick and Morty. If you’ve never seen the show, Mr. Meeseeks comes out of a box to help you accomplish a task. After you’ve accomplished you’re task he dies. Mr. Meeseeks is excited to die because for him (this is the relatable part) existence is pain. That character trait alone makes the week before halloween a perfect time to drop a tripped out “Mr. Meeseeks Remix Video” from Rabbit On Acid. The song starts off innocent enough, just as the Mr. Meeseeks themselves do, before spiraling into self destructive madness. Highlights include the screaming of “I just want to die, we all want to die!” and “It’s getting weird!” as you see a Meeseeks sucked into hell through a pentagram on the floor. You may be asking Never Nervous, “Why would you even rope me into this?”

Watch Rabbit On Acid’s “Mr Meeseeks Remix Video” below.