Listen to the new Vaderbomb song that they don’t want you to hear!

Some people say, “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.” On this, the 22nd of October, our dark lord and savior has given us a precious gift. We’ve got a track that Vaderbomb doesn’t want you to hear thanks to their disgruntled audio engineer Cadillac Young. 

We got this track in our email with this quote from Cadillac himself, “Those jobbers tried to pay me in ‘exposure’ and The Gangle hazed me by giving me a sandwich he had shit on. Fuck them. Here’s their three chord jabroni bologna.” Vaderbomb are really making a name for themselves as the lamest band in town. 

As far as this song goes, they’re trying to sing about pro wrestling legend Ox Baker, a man that they could never live up to. Check out the new track, “Shoot For The Heart” below.