REVIEW: DJ Shaheed – “The Fatal 5 Way”

DJ Shaheed
The Fatal 5 Way

A beat from DJ Shaheed is about as sure of a thing as there can be as he’s become one of Louisville’s most consistently awesome hip hop beat makers. No matter who he opts to work with, he manages to maintain his ability to manufacture slick, atmospheric rhythms with a simplistic, yet effective approach. Don’t get me wrong, he lets his cake bake, but he knows when to pull it out of the oven, which in this day and age is a skill all to itself in my opinion.

His latest offering comes in the form of The Fatal 5 Way, a five-song EP featuring a different collaborative pair of emcees on each track, all of which bring their own unique approach to the hip hop table. My favorite track might be opener Little Heart Foundation, a clever multi-reference to both The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart & Jim the Anvil Neidhart) and Little Heart Records. Featuring Sleye Cooper and Goodbar, this song is fucking swagtastic with plenty of braggadocios rhymes and clever shout outs, all served the kind of beat I’ve come to expect from Shaheed — it’s slick, it’s got a minamilist vibe, and it keeps my head bopping. I also really like “Trapkinghoul” which features Trapkingkai and Chris Ghoul, an emcee I’m not familiar with. Both deliver the goods over a ferociously relaxed slow toe-tapper that’ll have you shakin’ your ass against your will

It’s easy to recommend The Fatal 5 Way as a fun hip hop EP with a little help from a few friends. In case you aren’t familiar with DJ Shaheed or the emcees featured throughout, this serves as a great place to start on all fronts. Maybe you’re not all that familiar with Louisville hip hop to begin with — this would absolutely be a worthy introduction to the scene.

Listen to it below via Soundcloud — hopefully it ends up on other streaming services soon!