MUSIC VIDEO: Kurt Reifler – “Stay Above”

In case it wasn’t painfully obvious already, the Never Nervous crew remember the 90’s very fondly. Yesterday, in the year 2018, I saw Phil wearing a Wayne’s World hat with a Beavis and Butthead shirt. No joke, we love the 90’s, especially the music. For that reason, we are happy to premier the first video from Kurt Reifler‘s upcoming EP Year Of

So what does this track have to do with the 90’s? Nothing really, except for a general vibe that you just don’t really get that often these days. The vocal stylings, the drum sounds, and even the video itself. The idea of a guy getting up for work only to end up at an Oktoberfest in Germany just seems like the plot of 90’s sitcom. “Stay Above” is a call back to a time when life just seemed much less serious, and I can appreciate that. It’s a call back to a time when The Spindoctors and Counting Crows were unavoidable and I’m glad that somebody is carrying on that legacy. 

Check out the video for “Stay Above” by Kurt Reifler below.