REVIEW: Pronoun – “Context”


If you’ve been following Louisville hip hop in recent years, the first thing you will notice is Pronoun is coming with a totally different style than you typically hear in this city. He is more closely related to the lyrics of Busdriver than someone like Bryson Tiller. As far as I’m concerned, that’s good company to be in.

The track “Fly Technology” starts with the line “It’s like you get that information or this information, but this one might be misinformation or disinformation. What is information?” Although Pronoun has A LOT to say in his latest release Context, this line feels like a good way to sum up this album. Context is an album trying to decipher all the information that is flowing in to our lives daily. Amazingly, there are times when Pronoun really is able to make some sense of this nonsensical world. 

“Law of Averages,” the second track on Context is a perfect example of Pronoun at his absolute best. He’s able to address multiple facets of the African American struggle throughout the entire history of America in a single verse. He talks about slavery, the murder of Botham Jean in his own home, how cops get paid leave instead of getting fired or arrested, gerrymandering, sub-prime loans, and a felon’s right to vote (plus more) all in one verse. The song really comes together on the hook when he muses that things have to get better just judging by the “Law of Averages.” It’s heartfelt and brilliantly done. 

If you are fan of political hip hop, then Pronoun is an absolute must listen for you. This album is extremely well done and even with all the grim reminders of our collective American reality, it’s still a fun listen because of his delivery. 

Listen to and purchase Context by Pronoun on Bandcamp.