WATCH: Jaye Jayle released a short film for “No Trail”

Considering the cinematic quality to the music that Jaye Jayle has become known for, it makes sense to showcase it in a movie. And that’s exactly what we have hear, a short film that embraces the cohesive pair of opening opening tracks from their latest record No Trail and Other Unholy Paths (read our record review here). The video, which was directed by Ethan Roberts is a creepy, mind bending trip on a beach, all shot in pristine black and white.

There’s a strong David Lynch vibe where the filmmaker heavily relies on improvisation and reliance on atmosphere, rather than an actual cohesive narrative. While there is an ominous, unsettling vibe throughout its duration, the film is absolutely gorgeous. I’m not going to pretend to understand what’s going on (I don’t!), but I love what I’m looking at, and the music from Jaye Jayle appropriately enhances the tone. What I can gather that an unlikely group of very different characters all end up together on a beach, for better or worse. Meanwhile, there’s a television resting in the sand on the beach broadcasting creepy silhouettes and distorted imagery.

Check out the video below, then visit Clash Magazine for more details on it’s creation.