REVIEW: Jim James – “Uniform Clarity”

Jim James
Uniform Clarity

We live in a world full of useless distractions and noise. News, social media, musicians, and politicians are constantly screaming at us. Everything is right, everything is wrong, the only thing certain is that we will suffer the consequences of our collective mistakes. It’s hard to tell what is true and what is a lie when everyone is calling everyone else a liar. Jim JamesUniform Clarity is a stripped down and honest response to that madness. 

The My Morning Jacket frontman’s latest album is an acoustic accompaniment to his last album Uniform Distortion. Where Uniform Distortion felt like a representation of the noisy madness we live in, Uniform Clarity is the possibility that exists when all the bullshit is gone. The tracks are recorded live, Jim’s voice cracks, and sometimes the mics clip. You hear it all, the honest truth. It’s probably best summed up by the last line in the track “Yes To Everything,” where Jim belts out, “Too many lives left wide open, oh what an ocean… What’s beneath the waves?” Hopefully we can find some clarity beneath these societal waves.

Check out Uniform Clarity below via Spotify.