MUSIC VIDEO: Rob Lee – “Voodoo”

We all know what it’s like to be romantically hypnotized by a special someone, while at the same time you can’t put your finger on what it is that you’re so allured to. That guy or gal’s mesmerizing hook on you can be so strong that maybe… just maybe… it’s supernatural. R&B artist Rob Lee knows that feeling all too well, as he expresses his frustration on “Voodoo”, a single that can be found on his excellent debut record Art of Flight that also features Gio El Futuro and SEMI.

No, Rob Lee isn’t the first person to write a song about a lady putting a spell on him, but his take might be the smoothest yet as he vocally glides through a seductive rhythm section making for a high quality slow jam. To add to the track’s mystique, a trippy music video was put together. Shot and directed by Jeremy Ginn, the video stars Naysa Marrero as the enchanting seductress. Halloween is just a few short weeks away — get in the spirit of the season by altering your consciousness with a great song and some creepy visuals: