Vaderbomb Returns!!! But does anybody care?

After what I believe has been a year and a half of sitting on their collective butts, Vaderbomb is at last making a return to the stage. If you’re old enough to remember Vaderbomb, then you probably remember them for their epic live performances filled with confetti, pool noodles, streamers, and all out chaos. Now they are making their epic return on Oct. 27th at Spinelli’s for a matinee with Wolfxpiss, Crossed Off, and Ron. Rumor has it they will be doing some Black Flag covers. We are all anxiously awaiting to see if Vaderbomb is going to have any ring rust after enduring such a long vacation. Get more info on this event at the Facebook event page.

In case you need a reminder of how awesome Vaderbomb is, check out their 2012 banger D.D.P.E.P. below:

EDITOR’S NOTE: While we are excited that Vaderbomb is back, we can not make it to this show. Vaderbomb chose this matinee show over our show with Blind Scryer, Prayer Line, and GRLwood on the same night after we already had flyers made with them on it. Their reasoning was something about money that didn’t make a whole lot of sense. They have a history of being royal dicks to us.