PODCAST: GRLwood was on the Sean Vs. Wild to discuss SpOoKyFest, relentless touring & Jugallos?!

Our favorite punk rock duo GRLwood recently spent time on the Sean Vs. Wild Podcast. The show covers quite a few topics — check out the show notes below:

You asked for it, and you got it! This week, Sean parties with Rej and Karen of GRLwood. The three sit down to discuss the formation of the band, playing on a suitcase, the genius behind The Matrix movies, their new album “DADDY” available on sonaBLAST! Records, keeping a relentless tour schedule, why major labels are irrelevant, their upcoming Halloween spectacular “SpOoKyFest”, their dream to play The Gathering of the Juggalos, and the challenge of eating an 11 lb. pizza! Also in the show, we check out their latest single “Bisexual”. 

Whether their playing live or being interviewed, GRLwood always has a magnetizing aura about them which is on full display on this episode of the Sean Vs. Wild Podcast. Listen to it below via Spotify or on iTunes. Be sure to subscribe because this show fuckin’ rules.

Be sure to catch GRLwood at our upcoming Halloween show Saturday, October 27 at Kaiju which will also feature performances from Prayer Line and Blind Scryer (one more big addition TBA). Check out the Facebook event page here.