LISTEN: Jordan Jetson – “Gentle Cosmic”

Jordan Jetson recently released a third project this year with Gentle Cosmic. At this point, if you are surprised at how good a Jordan Jetson EP is, you just aren’t paying attention. Maybe for some reason you aren’t paying attention, let me go ahead and hip you to one of the best lyricist in the city. With Gentle Cosmic, Jetson continues to provide us with next level lyricism over sick beats. 

What’s noticeable about Gentle Cosmic is the lyrics feel like much more of statement for us to pay attention. Jetson seems to be tired of being overlooked, and rightfully so. Whether it’s letting us know that we don’t work as hard as him, or telling us he’s next on the track “New Leaf,” Jetson is staking his claim in the rap game on this EP. 

Check out Gentle Cosmic by Jordan Jetson below.