LISTEN: Nick Dittmeier & The Sawdusters – “Love Me Like You Did”

We’ve been doing Never Nervous for nearly 8 years now and we’ve seen a lot of artists come and go. One artist that has consistently been releasing good music this entire time is Nick Dittmeier. Nick is currently backed by The Sawdusters and this may be the best combination of artists around him yet–and that has us stoked for their upcoming album All Damn Day which is due out October 26th.

The first single from All Damn Day is “Love Me Like You Did,” and once again it does not disappoint. This time, Nick is singing a story about a man who left a woman for a younger woman, and then realizes he may have made a mistake. This new girl doesn’t know how to “sit on the porch and watch the streetlights dim,” and apparently that’s a problem. Seriously though, being able to chill with your partner when nothing’s going on is important, and those details are part of what makes Nick a unique songwriter. 

Dive into Nick Dittmeier and The Sawdusters’ excellent storytelling on “Love Me Like You Did” below. 

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