REVIEW: Lung – “All The King’s Horses”

All The King’s Horses
SofaBurn Records

Lung are not a typical band in any sense of the word. They are a two-piece of Cello and Drums. Not even a typical two-piece. Drummer Daisy Caplan, formerly of Foxy Shazaam, is the epitome of a punk influenced drummer however and he perfectly accents the unusual duality that Cellist and Lead Singer Kate Wakefield encompasses. Kate is partially a punk goddess, angry and unrelenting in her in-your-face aggressiveness. Kate is also an incredibly talented vocalist, classically trained in opera. Did I mention she’s playing cello?  You may be asking yourself right now, “what is this band?” Punk rock as fuck, that’s what they are. 

All The King’s Horses embraces the duality of the band to the fullest. In a single song, Lung are able to be both gorgeous and grotesque.  “Gun,” for example, is on one hand a beautiful melody with rich layers of vocals, and on the other a haunting tale of simultaneous fear and empowerment with the tag line “Mother always said to bring a gun.” The uncomfortableness of not knowing how to react or feel about these songs is where Lung thrives. 

They are also able to deliver a pop masterpiece, like with their lead single “Butcher.” This song is absolutely infectious and if it doesn’t get stuck in your head after one listen you may not have a soul. Still, they don’t approach pop songwriting like mere mortals. “Butcher” rides the edge of uneasiness in both vocal and cello performance. Specifically in the second verse that features an atonal noise solo and unsettling vocal harmonies. 

The haunting nature of this album truly rests on Kate Wakefields incredible ability to portray her emotions in her vocal performances. As a vocalist and performer, Kate is seriously one of a kind. Maybe this is most evident in the final track of the album, “Placeholder”, a song that feels like a separation from the rest of the album. It feels like the moment where all of the walls are torn down. It’s less angry, less unsettling, and even less punk rock. “Placeholder” is mostly just pretty and sad, and once again they nail it. 

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