LISTEN: Stonecutters – “Carved In Time”

If you don’t listen to metal 100% of the time, I totally understand that. I don’t either, it’s hard to be angry all the time. That being said, it’s September. It is officially time to break out the horror movies, leather jackets, and heavy metal records. In honor of that tradition, I give you the new single from Stonecutters, “Carved In Time”, which serves as the first single from their upcoming record of the same name to be released November 2nd (digital, vinyl & CD).

Just in time for Halloween season, Stonecutters have brought us a brutal metal banger. It’s one of those metal jams that makes you want to trudge through knee high mud on your way to whatever war you’re fighting. What I’m trying to say is it will help you finish whatever task you need to accomplish in a timely manner today. Maybe that’s what the title “Carved In Time” is referring to… probably not. 

Check out “Carved In Time” by Stonecutters below (also on Spotify), then preorder their upcoming record here.

5 thoughts on “LISTEN: Stonecutters – “Carved In Time”

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