SHOW REVIEW: Baby Bones, REDTED & Prayer Line at Zanzabar 8/31

Early last week Never Nervous was given the opportunity to book a last minute Labor Day weekend show at Zanzabar. They just happened to have Friday, August 31st open and in need of entertainment, so we jumped at the opportunity of course and at the end of the day, we have absolutely no regrets about it.

The night started off with Phil and Jake’s new band Prayer Line. Their brand of spooky rock jams got the night off to an exciting start. Prayer Line are a unique mix of pop, punk, and metal with tongue in cheek lyrics about old horror movies and serial killers. This was their first real show outside of Never Nervous headquarters but they brought the house down like veterans.

Next up was Baby Bones. I can’t say enough how much I love seeing this band. They are heavier than your average punk band but not quite metal either. These guys are everything I want in a rock band, high energy, catchy hooks, and chaos. Speaking of chaos, on this night Thomas broke a guitar string and never batted an eye at it. His solos changed slightly and they kept on chugging along. 

The night was capped by Nick Layman’s new project REDTED. They started their set with the track “Space Beekeeper Man” (watch the video here), and immediately descended into madness afterward. It was abstract, avant-garde, and punk rock as fuck. And when I say madness, I mean 30 minutes of improv noise rock experimentation. My favorite part of their set was W. G. Rickles pulling out a little flute and playing it without even using a mic…he was the bass player. 

Check out a few photos from the show taken by the incomparable Miranda Hellman below.

EDITORS NOTE: Yes, Prayer Line is a band featuring the Never Nervous crew. We booked ourselves because it was easy on a 4 days notice. However, this isn’t a boys club and we look forward to getting back to supporting as much of the local scene as we can. 

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