MUSIC VIDEO: Buddy Crime – “PINK B3D”

There’s always a touch of weirdness behind the catchy synth pop that Buddy Crime makes to distinguish his music from the noise that other throwback artists attempting to catch that often imitated Heaven 17/Human League vibe. That’s not to say he’s even going for that vibe — hell, maybe he’s just really into fiddling with drum machines and keyboards, and perhaps he’s really good at putting together infectious melodies over them. Whatever the case, his music always hits me in my sweet spot as a fan of 80’s/early 90’s pop. His latest single, titled “PINK B3D” is a grooving synth heavy joint with killer harmonized vocals, sorta reminiscent of something Prince might do but with bigger, heavier keys.

A bizarre music video was made to go hand in hand with “PINK B3D” which features lots of distorted footage apparently taken with a cell phone — the entire thing is a vertical video. Not sure I’ve ever seen anything like this, not to mention the weirdness of what is being presented. At points I can make out a silhouette of Buddy Crime, and as he sings, captions of the lyrics pop onto the screen. Other times I think I see a kitchen, maybe a garage.. maybe this is synth pop heaven. I don’t know. It’s a trip, for sure.

Check out the video below, then download the single on Bandcamp.