REVIEW: Yons – “The Goddess Equation”

The Goddess Equation

We all know that Yons is capable of orchestrating top notch bangers with killer beats and smooth, catchy hooks. For evidence, look no further than “My Shooter”, a brilliant single he produced for Jordan Jetson earlier this year. He was performed the hook on that track, but didn’t rap on it. This is what makes his latest effort a mild surprise. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t this guy say he was done rapping earlier this year, and that he’d only be a producer from now on? Whatever, it’s easy to forgive him for this bit of deception considering in addition to being a top tier producer, he’s also an uber talented emcee. This has been clear to me since his Physics on Paper record from 2016, an album I can’t recommend enough.

While The Goddess Equation has all of the trademarks from a Yons release — top notch production, great musicianship, and killer flows — this small collection of tunes feels different. While all of Yons’ releases have an introspective, personal touch, this one seems to be a go a bit deeper. It’s my understanding that part of the inspiration behind this Goddess EP is a quote from Stephen Hawking’s first wife: “‘the goddess Physics’ became ‘Stephen’s idol’ and he would sometimes spend ‘a whole weekend in his wheelchair, elbow resting on his knee like Rodin’s Thinker.” Naturally, as a man fascinated with the cosmos and it’s relation to art, Yons had a unique motivation with this quote from a woman that essentially lost her husband in the name of science. Is this a metaphor that Yons connects to personally? I’m not sure, but it’s an interesting thought.

The EP opens up with “My Favorite Color”, which might be my personal favorite of the bunch. I hate to keep using the same adjective, but this R&B infused number is silky smooooth. The Sade-esque rhythm section really does it for me with a poppin’ bass line, and the memorizing hook is more than catchy, it’ll stick in your head for days. I especially dig the guest vocals from singer Zlynn Harris, an artist I previously was unaware of. I also really enjoy “Ugalee”, a slow-grooving hip shaker that features the cunning, dexterous vocal stylings from frequent collaborator Jordan Jetson. As usual, the hook really stays with you, but this time there’s some sort of vocoder effect on Yons’ voice that makes him sound outherworldly. 

Over the last couple of years, Yons has quickly established himself as a premier hip hop artist, but in my opinion The Goddess Equation opens the door to something more. As his style continues to develop and evolve, it’s nice to hear these classic R&B impulses sprinkled into his productions. As much as I enjoy this guy as an emcee, I might enjoy him more vocally as an actual singer who is more than just a hook guy. But what do I know? Everything he does seems so effortless that it’s easy to take one aspect for granted. Nevertheless, I’m excited to see what the future holds for Yons — as he continues to relentlessly pump out new music, the more unpredictable he becomes.

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