FILM REVIEW: Embedded | A short film directed by Colin Garcia

An unspecified apocalyptic disaster is happening outside, and a lady is on the run from it all only to find her way into what at first appears to be a storage shed, but once she slams the door shut, it’s clear that nothing is as it seems. A pulsing light that beams on and off again reveals a bed in the center of a small room, some shelves to the right and what looks like a night stand on the left. Beyond that, who knows? A friendly voice starts a conversation with the terrified escapee, but it’s never clear where the words are coming from, or what the motive of this “entity” is…

It’d be hard to go any further without spoiling Embedded, the new short film directed by Louisville’s own Colin Garcia. The flick stars Katherine Martine as the lady on the run, and Gracie Taylor as the voice (you never actually see her). For such a simple concept and short running time, the cast immediately draws you into this crazy scenario, and you’re never quite sure what is going on or what to expect. The film is masterfully shot and perfectly lit, the glowing lights really create an atmosphere of dreadful suspense, and the dialogue between the lady and the voice is so, so chillingly fascinating. 

The film was submitted to the 48 Hour Film Project earlier this year and ended up winning several awards including Best Film, Best Acting, Best Directing and Best Writing — whew, that’s quite a fucking haul, but after watching it, it’s easy to see why it’s so highly regarded. From here Embedded will compete against all the other 48 Hour Film winners from each of the 150+ cities in which it occurs, and then from there ten finalists will go on to screen at Cannes in 2019. We’re wishing the Embedded crew the best of luck moving forward.

Check it out for yourself below:

“EMBEDDED” – Winner – 48 Hour Film Project 2018 from Colin Garcia on Vimeo.