RECAP: Seven Sense Fest 2018 | Photos & Video Footage Included

As with all festivals, each individual has a unique experience, and as par for the course, Seven Sense Fest 2018 was no different. When there are three stages present like there were with this year’s go-around, there are ample opportunities for people to see an entirely different festival from their best friend. For me this year, Seven Sense was a rocking good time full of opportunities to see my friends and a few favorite local and national acts perform.

I began the weekend watching Appalatin. If you haven’t seen them and/or aren’t aware of what the band is all about, they are an uber-talented cast of musicians playing music that is a fusion of Appalachian and Latin styles. They are a great time live and were definitely a highlight of the weekend if only for their flute player who plays many different types of flutes that I could never name. One is probably a pan flute… I think. 

Friday also featured back to back sets from Jaxon Lee Swain and Fotocrime. It’s impossible not to have fun watching Jaxon. His energetic and whimsical vibe is contagious. This was the first time of the weekend I really saw the crowd wake up and start moving. Later on, Fotocrime managed to set off the smoke alarm before their set even started. They were pumping massive amounts of smoke into the room to prepare for their performance. In the end, the smoke had to be cut back, but they still tugged at all our heartstrings with their definitive brand of post-punk. 

The weather was perfect Saturday, so I had to show up at 1:45 to see my friends from Kansas City in Violent Bear. They did not disappoint as they feature one of the most talented and unique young guitarists I’ve ever met, and as usual he was on full display. I also caught a blistering set from Planetary Overdrive. Seeing Planetary Overdrive is like going to a monster truck show or a wrestling event — it’s just fun for funs sake. Lead singer Daniel Sturdevant solo’d through the crowd on three separate occasions, and on one of those excursions he was joined by their KEYTARIST! 

I saw plenty of other killer local and national acts throughout the weekend like Tyler Lance Walker Gill, Sound Company, and Tristen, but perhaps the most surprising for me was Louisville’s own Adventure. Somehow I had never heard of them before, but I ended up catching them randomly on the back patio of Gravely. They put on a great show full of catchy songs with a classic punk feel. They are definitely worth a listen if you are a classic punk rock fan. 

I should mention that this festival also featured good food (I had fried plantains from The Mayan Cafe) and a bourbon slushy that was DA BOMB! Do people still say that? I can’t keep up. Also worth mentioning was the vibe at Gravely Brewing was chill and enjoyable, and was made even better with their Mexican Lager cleverly named “La Bamba.” 

Watch a Seven Sense recap video I put together below featuring clips of the sets from Jaxon Lee Swain, TLWG, Planetary Overdrive, and Adventure below.

Check out a collection of photos taken by Miranda Hellman below.