SHOW REVIEW: Against Me!, Typesetter & GRLwood at Mercury Ballroom 8/7

Tuesday night at Mercury Ballroom was without a doubt one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. Punk rock is not dead, it’s just become queer and that’s absolutely for the best. I mean it kind of always was, but it was never celebrated enough. That alone makes me happy to be alive in 2018. 

Against Me! had signs posted all around Mercury explaining that if you were being harassed or assaulted in anyway you could directly contact their crew to de-escalate the situation. They also made sure Mercury’s bathrooms were gender neutral for the night. In some ways it seemed like those things added to the carefree and hopeful attitude that surrounded the night. 

GRLwood played an incredible set highlighted by a hairy 1-piece bathing suit worn especially for “I’m Yer Dad.” These two are amazing no matter how large or small the venue they are playing is. Typesetter, while not my usual cup of tea, played an energetic and enjoyable pop-punk set.

But in the end, Laura Jane Grace smiled and screamed her way into all of our souls with Against Me!. Everyone knew all the words and they meant something to all of us. For just one night Against Me! made their fans feel like everything is going to be OK. I will never miss another chance to see them play again. 


Check out a few photos by Miranda Hellman below: