Indie rock band PRJCTR has returned with a new single called “Keep Up” which serves as a preview of whats to come for their upcoming record. The release of their new album and it’s celebratory release show are expected to happen sometime in October. What’s it sound like? “Keep Up” is a thick, distorted rocker with a steady-grooving optimistic vibe, despite the laid back, slacker rock vocals. This is the perfect addition to any road trip playlist — I hope this track gets added to Spotify so I can do just that! I’d love to blast this with the windows down while driving through Anytown, USA.

Their next performance will be at Seven Sense Festival on Saturday, August 11th. Following that, you can catch them Against The Grain on Friday, August 24th as part of The Local Lineup series; go here for more details on the show.

Listen to “Keep Up” below via Soundcloud.