WATCH: Live video of Shutaro Noguchi, Aaron Nicholas West, Quiet Hollers, & Baby Bones 7/28!

This past weekend I was a little ambitious, at least for myself. I had plans to make it to three shows the night before a full day of filming a music video at my house. I ended up making it to two killer shows and having a great day of filming anyway. My night started with Shutaro Noguchi performing with Aaron Nicholas West at Zanzabar. Both of these artists did a solo set, but it felt like magic when they were on stage together. Their sets were followed by Quiet Hollers who were home for the first time in quite a while. I was looking forward to hearing their new single “Addicted” and was pleasantly surprised by their cover of “Be My Baby.”

Finally I moved over to Kaiju because I wasn’t going to miss Baby Bones. They slay in absolutely every way imaginable. They were followed by Batwizard, who have a great album that just came out. I didn’t get video of Batwizard because it was easily the loudest performance I’d seen in 15 years. 

Check out some clips from my night of live music below.