REVIEW: Dom B & Q-Mystik – “Oasis Bluegrass”

Dom B & Q-Mystik
Oasis Bluegrass

Dom B is easily fighting for the best lyricist in the city. It’s not necessarily a competition, and best lyricist doesn’t always mean you write great songs anyway. However, this guy does both — his flows, voice, and hooks are all equally intricate and infectious. On his latest album Oasis Bluegrass he teams up with classic Louisville beat maker Q-Mystic. Their work together is the type of stuff that makes you want to sit on your front porch and vibe with a cold drink or something to smoke on… or you know, whatever you do to chill. 

While everything on this album is “chill worthy,” special attention has to be given to the track “Meanwhile” as these are some of the hardest rhymes Dom B has ever spit. It’s basically about the work that Dom himself puts into his music. When you work hard at your craft and find some success, you’re going to have haters. The song can be summed up in my favorite line from it, “If we both workin’ on the same scene and you be claiming they ain’t rocking with you, and I’ve been gettin’ pretty good results then it’s safe to say the fans are not the issue.” Finally, somebody willing to take responsibility for their work. I can’t stress enough how much this song rules. 

While Dom’s usual badass lyricism is an obvious reason to get excited about Oasis Bluegrass, these tracks wouldn’t be as lit as a KeKe dance challenge fail without Q-Mystic. Q’s beats are smooth and dance-worthy at the same time. For my money, what he brings to the table brings out the best in Dom B, and we should all be thankful for that.

Check out Oasis Bluegrass by Dom B & Q-Mystic below.