REVIEW: MozzaPi creates extraordinary pizza like no one else in Louisville

As you’d expect in any food-loving city, Louisville is jam packed with pizza joints, kinda like a calzone with too much cheesy toppings stuffed inside of it. But an over-packed calzone isn’t necessarily a problem is it? Naaah. Give me a fork and knife and I’ll appreciate every ingredient. Yeah, that’s a “cheesy” metaphor, but you get it. The day that too many pizza joints becomes a problem, I’ll eat my own shoe.

Having said that, it takes more originallity and pizazz to stand out in the pizza community. And that’s exactly what the fine folks at MozzaPi have managed to do. From top to bottom, front to back, this ain’t your usual pizza joint. MozzaPi is a breakfast and lunch spot located in Anchorage. It serves 9-inch pizzas as well as baked goods, such as fresh breads, assorted desserts and more. 

Intrigued, my wife and I made our way to MozzaPi on a sunny Tuesday afternoon to see what all the hubbub was about. Located in Anchorage at 12102 La Grange Rd, this place wasn’t exactly in the part of town you might expect. We walked in slowly to properly take in the beautiful, super-sized architecture — it’s my understanding that this place was built from the ground up following the vision of owner Tom Edwards who has an apparent knack for woodworking and construction. The dining area isn’t necessarily huge, but the tall ceiling and oversized decorative furniture truly make this place feel larger than life.


Our pizzas were delivered within 15 minutes, both of which looked amazing. I started with the Spicy Giardiniera Pizza (pictured above) which consists of perfectly baked pepperoni and a light amount of mozzarella topped with a sizzling Italian relish. As I began to devour this thing, I quickly noticed that every ingredient in this pizza has a freshness to it.


Next, I dug into the Thai Chicken Pizza, which was made up of curry marinaded chicken, lots of bean sprouts, a bit of cilantro, grated carrots and peanuts, topped with a sweet Thai chili sauce. Each bite boasted loads of different flavors, but none of them overbearing. I know this may be frowned upon, but I wouldn’t have been mad if there was a bottle of sriracha on the table. But it was pretty good nevertheless.

If I had to choose between the two pizzas, I’d lean toward the Spicy Giardiniera, mostly because more often than not, I like my meals to have a spicy edge. The Thai Chicken Pizza was more of a refreshing shock to my taste buds as I’d never had anything like it.


We finished off our meal with what might be the best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had. Thick and doughy with a light, crispy rim, this treat is straight outta cookie heaven. While  it’s not necessarily large, it’s deceivingly dense and full of flavor. This cookie alone was worth the trip, no shit.

As my introductory meal at MozzaPi came to an end, I took in one final panoramic gaze at the oddly designed layout, breathed in one more heavenly whiff of baking bread and melting cheese, then finished my beer and left. Yes, I’ll definitely be back, probably to have another Giardiniera Pizza, and another that I hadn’t had as of yet. And yeah, I’ll probably have another cookie if they’re available. But I’ll be returning for the food itself, not necessarily the eccentric architecture. Sure, the atmosphere is pretty cool, but make no mistake — the pizza is absolutely the main attraction here, and it’d taste just as good in a decrepit dive bar.