MUSIC VIDEO: Lung – “Butcher”

Cincinnati/Louisville duo Lung just released a video for the first single from their upcoming album All The King’s Horses. The song, “Butcher” is an unsettling yet whimsically fuzzed out cello masterpiece. The video perfectly reflects that sentiment by splicing moments of fun and silliness with moments that feel like that fun may have gone a little too far. Kate Wakefield in one scene smiles and laughs at the camera like she’s your best friend, and in the next she’s cackling as if she may have just murdered your family. Lung are a one-of-a-kind band and it only make sense that they would have such a wild video to accompany their sound. 

Check out the video for “Butcher” below and get ready for their sophomore album, All The Kings Horses which will be released September 7th via Sofaburn Records; preorder the record here.