REVIEW: Cryptic Hymn – “The Vast Unknowing”

Cryptic Hymn
The Vast Unknowing

Although I don’t listen to it as much as I used to, it’s easy to say I love death metal, especially when it’s fucking raw. So much of what has been released in this genre since the turn of the century to me sounds overproduced and, for lack of a better term, fake. As a side hustle I give guitar lessons, and recently my student has got me back into death metal (I’m currently teaching her “Hammer Smashed Face”), which has unexpectedly gotten back into the genre. While there are a copious amount of these sorts of acts all over the world, I’m happy to report we have some righteous takes on the genre right here in our hometown — Case in point: the latest EP from Cryptic Hymn.

Cryptic Hymn refer to their music as “blackened death metal”, a concept which I can totally get behind. Black metal to me is slightly more melodic than straight death metal and Cryptic Hymn definitely go back and forth between super melodic riffs and in-your-face brutality. Their latest effort is called The Vast Unknowing, and it is a bare bones, 2 song metal roller coaster with a production quality reminiscent of old school Cannibal Corpse. While they are super tight and well produced, they were somehow able to manage that raw sound of the 90’s death metal I know and love.

Check out Cryptic Hymn’s EP, The Vast Unknowing below.