WATCH: We made a Poorcastle ’18 recap video, and it’s awesome!

As expected, the 6th annual Poorcastle was not only a great time, but an obvious success. Thousands of people from the region made their way to Apocalypse Brew Works to witness 36 of the best bands and artists that the great city of Louisville has to offer, and holy shit, if I’m any sort of witness, everyone involved had a great time. Whether you were a PC volunteer or just a concert-goer off the street, I’m sure what ever music or beer related itch anyone had was scratched over the weekend.

Celebrate the weekend that was with a video we made featuring a clips from a few performances that we really enjoyed below. While the posting of this video was pretty delayed by a week and a half (due to technical problems), we figured better late than never. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: Check out a collection of beautiful photos taken by Miranda Hellman from all three days of Poorcastle ’18 here. Also, if you haven’t already, read our recap/Poorcastle appreciation post here.