MUSIC VIDEO: Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – “Blueberry Jam”

Do we have any readers who LOVE blueberries? I mean really really love them. If you ascribe to the lyrics of this new Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy song then you believe that Blueberries are essentially a cure for everything. I generally think blueberries just taste like weird water, but this video has taught me how many words you can rhyme with blueberry…so that’s a plus. Although I may be nonplussed with the blueberry itself, Bonnie’s song is hella catchy and fun. The video features Will Oldham looking similar to Tobias Funke and that makes it worth a watch on its own. 

As you’d imagine, this song and video have an interesting backstory. According to Sterogum, “the song came about after Oldham and his wife ate THC-laced chocolate-covered blueberries soon after the false missile alert that was sent in Hawaii at the beginning of the year. Oldham wrote the song during that experience, and then repurposed it a few weeks later to help out his friend that was opening a weed shop in California.”

Oh, ok.

Check out the video for “Blueberry Jam” below, then get your ass to Kroger: