After a few hours at my day job and some sweaty yard work, I made my way back to Forecastle for what was sure to be another long day of fun in the blistering hot sun. Read about my day two experience below. For my day one recap, go here.

EDITOR’S NOTE: All photographs were taken by the incomparable Miranda Hellman. For all of her photos from day two, go here.

West Louisville Showcase

After a few drinks with friends, I directed my attention to the WFPK stage to see The West Louisville Showcase. Going in to this set, I didn’t know what exactly to expect — all I knew was that 1200 (pictured above) was a part of this thing, and obviously, a collection of artists from west Louisville were going to be showcased. After a bit of beat poetry from someone I wasn’t familiar with, 1200 got the party started with a new song, followed by a bunch of multi-talented kids that could rap, sing and dance better than most the people in the city twice their age. As I watched them do their thing, I thought to myself, “These kids are like 11 years old, and they’ve already done something cooler than I’ve ever done.” The mic was then passed to an R&B artist that I didn’t recognize, but she crushed it.

Watch a video I got of 1200 doing his thing below:

Margo Price

Admittedly, I didn’t know anything about country singer Margo Price before yesterday, but after a few heavy recommendations, I took the bait and checked out her set. When she started playing, I was pretty far back in the sweaty crowd, but as her performance picked up some steam, I was reeled in like a fish on a hook as I kept making my way closer and closer to the stage. She has an fun, kick ass energy about her that is really infectious. It didn’t hurt that she sprinkled in covers from Tom Petty and CCR. I left her set ready to buy anything and everything she has to offer.

Jimmy Eat World

Next, I rushed over to the Mast Stage to watch Jimmy Eat World (pictured above). It felt as if I’d just stepped out of the Delorian and arrived in the year 1999. While their emo-punk sound is pretty dated, admittedly I had a great time watching these guys blast through an energetic set. They sounded great, and people were stoked, and that vibe has a way of rubbing off on me, so naturally I had a great time.

Jenny Lewis

I then elbowed my way through the herd to get a good spot to watch Jenny Lewis, who for me personally was the main attraction of the day. She played songs from all across her catalogue, bouncing back and forth from keys to rainbow guitar. She opened her set with “Head Underwater”, and from that point on I was totally engaged. For me, she can do no wrong. Long live Jenny Lewis!

Against my better judgement, I made my way to the Ocean Stage to check out T-Pain, a Forecastle roster-mate that I didn’t even realize was still making music since like 2008. Whatever, he made a few really fun songs, and I was ready to shake my ass a bit, so there I was. The old man in me was incredibly annoyed by the young folks around shoving their way to the front to see their token “rap artist”, most of which probably having no idea who T-Pain is or that he’s not even a rapper. Again, whatever — I just want to have fun, so I watched a few songs, none of which were recognizable to me. Before I start sounding like a ranting babydick, I’ll just say that this clearly wasn’t for me, so I left and drank a beer. Ahhh, yes. Good old beer. Thank you, beer.


The last band I watched was The War On Drugs, a band that I’d never really gotten attached to, but appreciated nonetheless. Despite not recognizing a single song, they sounded great and I really dug their vibe. I will definitely give their discography another go-around. 

My night was concluded at Against The Grain with a beer, a bowl of delicious macaroni and cheese and a giant pretzel with beer cheese. All of which were fucking fantastic. I Lyfted home, had another beer or three and played a few records, then hopped in bed to watch some Seinfeld re-runs. Whew, what a day.

Welp, on to Forecastle Day Three!