INTERVIEW: Taylor Niles Kane White talks about the past, present & future of The Kids Born Wrong!

If you haven’t had a chance to experience a Kids Born Wrong show, you’re missing out. With a steady stream of shows at all your favorite dive bars, these guys have quickly become a staple in Louisville’s punk community, garnering a strong following with their blend of twangy guitar slide riffs and punchy bass lines driven by feverish drum beats and topped off with rounded and raucous vocal talent — there’s a reason their fans keep coming back.

The trio — comprised of Taylor Niles Kane White on vocals, guitar, and cool white specs; Chase Palmer on drums; and Alex Paulin on bass — have embarked on their first tour, joined by Indianapolis rock band Lucy Furr. The tour is a six-stop trek through the Midwest, which kicked off at the Highland’s Taproom on Tuesday. I had to chance to chat with Taylor about the band before they hit the road…

Never Nervous: Everytime I see you all play, it’s fun and exciting. How long have you all been playing together?

Taylor Niles Kane White: About three years.

NN: What’s the background behind Kids Born Wrong? How did you all start and how did the name, ‘Kids Born Wrong’ arise?

Taylor Niles Kane White:  I spent most of the summer of 2015 writing the first batch of songs. Originally I had a concept for Blues Noise Horror + Destruction and I was trying to figure out what that meant and what it would sound like. Once Chase got on board we turned it into a real thing. Our first show was at New Albany Production House in November 2015. The origin of the band name is obscure and personal and it’s better if you don’t know. I like to say that at some point in their lives, everyone has felt like they were “born wrong”. If they can relate to that our name in that way then maybe that makes them feel less wrong.

“I like to say that at some point in their lives, everyone has felt like they were ‘born wrong’.”

NN: What music influences do you have that have shaped your music into what it is today?

Taylor Niles Kane White:  Bleach. CHUD. Garbage Pail Kids. Ziggy Stardust. Son House. Nipple scars. Home invasions. Videodrome. Troma. Everything else is just details.

NN: Has your music evolved since you’ve been playing?

Taylor Niles Kane White:  Definitely. Initially we wanted to be more harsh noise and less rock & roll. The rock stuff got a better reception and was just more fun to play so we put away the pedals. We still love doing harsh noise, just not with Kids Born Wrong. Also Chase and I have gotten better at working off of each other and so the songwriting process is now more loose and collaborative. Our material is just going to get better from here.

NN: What’s your reason behind playing music; what do you wish to come from it and what, if anything, has arisen from playing?

Taylor Niles Kane White:  Personally, I don’t know why I have to do this. It’s a compulsion I don’t fully understand. What I wish to come from it is simply to be able to do it more. To somehow have this biz support my basic survival needs so i can continue to grow as an artist. I mean, shit, isn’t that what everybody wants? Break out of the day jobs and get to where you truly belong? We have some dedicated fans who are really more like friends. We’ve found a place in our local music community. There’s bands out there who are like ten times more talented than we are and we’ve played with them and they love us. We get to play shows all the time. And the more we do it, the more opportunities come about. We’re looking to unleash horrible creatures and spill blood upon every venue and audience we play to.

“We’re looking to unleash horrible creatures and spill blood upon every venue and audience we play to.”

NN: I know you guys are going on tour this month. Where all are you going?

Taylor Niles Kane White:  We’re playing here at the Highland’s Taproom, Lexington at the Parachute Factory, Nashville at The Cobra, Bloomington at King Dough, Springfield IL at Black Sheep, and Indy at State Street Pub. We also have a second, shorter tour in August where we’re playing in Fayetteville AR, Memphis, and here at Kaiju.

NN: Is this your all’s first tour? How did it come about?

Taylor Niles Kane White:  Oh yes this is our first and we’re mega-hyped about it. We came together with Lucy Furr from Indy and got all the dates arranged. In August we’re touring with The Wirms. Both of these bands are amazing and you should check them out if you haven already.

NN: Do you all have any new music in the works?

Taylor Niles Kane White: After the tours we’re recording a 5-track EP titled “Giallo”. And we have concepts already working for another EP titled “Book of Vile Darkness”.

NN: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me. Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

Taylor Niles Kane White: Ya I wrote this little rhyme once and I could never thing what to do with it, but I wanted to do something, so i’ll just leave it here: You might come away with your DNA changed when the Kids Born Wrong take the stage.

For more information on The Kids Born Wrong and to keep up with upcoming shows and new music, be sure to follow them on Facebook. Top photo by Mark Hale.