REVIEW: Jordan Jetson – “Black Aria”

Jordan Jetson
Black Aria

And just like that, acclaimed hip hop wordsmith Jordan Jetson reappears from the shadows to drop Black Aria, a short and sweet EP featuring 4 brand new songs. Over the last couple years, it seems like Louisville is hit with a hip hop smoke bomb as this guy drops in like Tatsu releasing short bursts of remarkable music — he materializes with no warning, drops a killer track or EP, then vanishes without a trace, delivering blow after blow to audiophiles across the region. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: Yeah, that’s a lame Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reference. Deal with it.

Jetson has stayed active the last year or so as he’s released a slew of quality singles (“My Shooter” most recently), been featured on a bunch collaborative tracks (I loved “Graveyard” with Dom B), and last year put out one the best hip hop EPs from 2017 in Critical Mass. But it wasn’t a full length, and neither is this new release, but considering the quality of rap that he’s been steadily pumping out, I’ll take what I can get.

Black Aria is a quick listen, spanning just four songs, clocking in at 12 minutes, 50 seconds. Each track features a different producer, making this release a sort of sample platter of beats all of which are quite different, but definitely serving their purpose as unique canvasses for Jetson to pontificate about this that and the other as only he can. My favorite of the four offerings is without a doubt “The Stars”, an introspective track with a killer beat produced by Malachi Mabson perfect for cruising down Frankfort Avenue on a cloudless night with no real destination in mind. For real, this might be my favorite track that Jetson has ever been responsible for. 

Yeah, this release is pretty short, but it is my understanding that Black Aria serves as a precursor to a “bigger” project that is set to be released sometime next month. Will this be the debut full length from Mr. Jetson? Will it feature other members of The United Legion of Doom? Will it be dedicated to Lance Bass and his feverish desire to travel to outer space? God, I hope so, on all fronts. In the meantime, enjoy this appetizer, especially “The Stars” which needs to be added to your Good Times Summer Playlist right away.

Listen to Black Aria below via Spotify: