REVIEW: Planetary Overdrive – “Boneyard”

Planetary Overdrive

Southern rock is not dead. With their latest release Boneyard, Planetary Overdrive are doing their part to carry on the top down, beer chugging, guitar fueled rock of some of the great classic rock acts like Molly Hatchet and Lynyrd Skynyrd. No need to reinvent the wheel here, just pick up your guitar and shred.

Speaking of wheels, there’s a lot of mention about wheels on this record — the title track itself is about going to the junkyard. It’s a blues rock jam that, as someone who dabbles in cars myself, is extremely relatable. There’s something about finding just the right thing in a landfill or disposal area, it’s akin to  that special feeling when you  find the perfect vinyl in the “Used” section.

“Troubled Mind” is a standout on the album for the simple fact that it sounds a lot different from the rest of these tunes. In some ways it feels as if these slow southern rock jams in the vein of The Band may be what Planetary overdrive are best at. The gang vocal hook on this song is one that grabs you the second the music drops out. For all the full speed ahead guitar solos and gang vocals going “98 MPH” on this album, Planetary Overdrive seems more comfortable when they are holding back.

Boneyard is a rocking album that is perfect for cruising I-65 with the top down (and the doors off if you’re like me). If you are into guitar driven rock ‘n’ roll over a heavy rhythm section, then I’m sure Planetary Overdrive will fill that need for you. They aren’t going to change the way you think about music, but they will provide the party.

Listen to Boneyard in its entirety below, then be sure to watch them at Poorcastle this weekend!