REVIEW: Hot Wires – “Dark Energy”

Hot Wires
Dark Energy
Gubbey Records

With release of their second full length Dark Energy, psychedelic garage rockers Hot Wires have expanded both their sound and the meaning behind it. Their latest effort is a concept album about a man who leaves the prison of planet Earth to explore the universe. Of course, shit goes down throughout his journey and I’m not going to spoil the story for you. However, the idea of taking a trip to space without joining the Space Force sounds pretty cathartic right about now. Something about the last two years in America has been… well if you read the news you already know it has been complete shit. 

This trip that our protagonist has taken to space is an exciting one because of the story and it’s music accompaniment. This album is full of tracks that feel like they belong on a racing video game. They are powerful, heavy, catchy, and maybe most importantly they are good old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll. That dynamic is established from the very first track, the obsessively catchy “Little Disaster.” This song will be stuck in your head and you’ll be grateful for it.

Dark Energy was the perfect title for this album as that seems to be what every song is harnessing. Tracks like “54321” is evidence of this as they blast through solos and screaming vocals at breakneck speed. Whether the energy they have found is from anger, sadness, fear, or some combination of the three they have found a place to let it out and they do it well. 

Reading this review you’re probably thinking to yourself, “This album sounds dark and sad.” It’s really not though. The best way to describe Dark Energy would be to say that it’s fun rock ‘n’ roll. They are tackling deep, heavy issues in an incredibly catchy way. They’ve also kept all of us Sci-Fi nerds happy by making it about the future and outer space. Thank you for that. 

Check out “Dark Energy” below.