MUSIC VIDEO: FoxBat – “Slow Strut”

In anticipation of their upcoming debut album Rotgut, heavy rock band FoxBat have released a video for their single “Slow Strut.” The video, directed by our friend and Never Nervous Podcast alumni Mike Thompson, is a beautifully shot performance that either takes place in the Upside Down or in the dustiest, darkest warehouse of all time. The song itself feels more like mad plodding than a “Slow Strut” —  it’s the type of heavy rock ‘n’ roll that makes you want to destroy something beautiful.  

When asked about the premise of the song and video, singer Clay Nevels tells us “‘Slow Strut’ is about being trapped in the cyclical behaviors that are detrimental to your mental health and inevitably create reoccurring loops in your life. Mike and Tommy did a killer job of creating an uncomfortable purgatory like void to visually accompany the song.”

As always, this song and it’s accompanying video are for you the listener/reader/watcher. You get to decide what this means to you, so watch the video below and do just that. Don’t get yourself caught in some upside down cycle!

Rotgut will be releast August 3rd via Core Sample Records. Preorder it here. For upcoming tour dates and more information on the band, visit their website here